How To Be The Hostess With The Mostess


If you feel like you ever put yourself under pressure just trying to get a new recipe right, then pulling out the big guns at a dinner party can be a truly trying affair. Cooking a good meal is always a plus, but there are ways to make sure you impress your guests and make sure they have a wonderful time. It’s all about paying attention to not only what food you make, but how you frame and accompany it.

Inclusiveness is concern number one
If you haven’t done it already, then you need to make sure you get the dietary requirements and preferences of all your guests. Requirements must be abided. On the other hand, you’re not beholden to preferences and you don’t have to cook anything you don’t want, but neglecting to take into account any requests can add a lot of tension to a dinner party. If you have a main meal you want to work on that isn’t suitable for vegetarians, then see if you can make any adjustments that make it more suitable for them. Or you can instead work on copious vegetarian side dishes like a green bean casserole to make sure they still get plenty to eat.

Attention to detail is the key
Hosting a dinner party is perhaps a little bit about showing off. It’s not just down to your cooking skills, however, but also your general knowledge of the food that you’re sharing with the party. For instance, when it comes to complementary flavors, then getting the wine right plays a big role. Even if you prefer to let everyone choose their own drink for the dinner, here are the best wine and cheese pairs that you can offer them before or after the meal. A bit of a theme and atmosphere can really add to a meal, as well. If you’re going for some warm winter grub, for instance, then sprucing up the table with acorns and low-lit, warm colored candles can really add to the enjoyment of the food.

Don’t forget it’s a social experience
If you invite your guests around while you’re cooking, make sure you’re able to actually enjoy their company and that they have all they need to keep the night going while you’re busy. Pour out the first drinks and leave them with an open bar, letting them know they’re free to make themselves comfortable. But don’t forget they want your company, as well. Let them chat to you as you cook without getting in the way. Make some quick appetizers and place them on the furthest end of your workspace so they get the idea of where they stand and enjoy a nibble without you trampling all over them.

A last important point to think about is to chill out. Your guests aren’t going to feel comfortable if you’re there working on washing up before dinner has even be served. Leave the cleanup detail until after. Just put dirty dishes out of sight in the dishwasher and keep things calm and smooth on the surface.

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