12 Healthier Desserts Perfect For Any Celebration

Once Labor Day kicks in, I mark the calendars to think that the Holiday season has officially begun. This would perhaps be the last celebration of Summer, and people start thinking about Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. And then its time to start preparing the Menu for all these occasions. Before you know it, the heat is on in your kitchen as you are cooking and baking every weekend, and the … [Read more...]

Do Your Nutrition Needs Change with Age?


Most of the people rely on a multi-vitamin pill a day to take care of their daily nutritional needs, or at least to compensate for the deficits in their diet. However, lately I've been wondering if your age has a significant impact or not on the type and quantity of your nutritional needs, especially as you age. As I scoured the internet to find some answers, I found that humans of every age share … [Read more...]

5-Ingredient Potato Patties


When it comes to quick Indian snacks, you'll usually find quite a few varieties of fried food. Not that we don't watch our calories or take care of our health. But we love fried food, especially when its raining outside, or there's a bit of chill in the air and you crave for something hot and spicy, just like these mouth-watering Sabudana Vadas (Sago Vadas) If you are looking for a quick fix with … [Read more...]

3 Homemade Ice Cream Recipes


Since past few days, the temperature has been shooting higher than usual, and though it isn't Summer, a nice double (or even triple) scoop of cold ice cream can provide the refreshing feeling that you desperately need. However, most people are hesitant to use take a bite off of this frozen treat, especially if each serving contains 300 calories or higher. Thankfully, there are several homemade ice … [Read more...]

California Winery of the Month


One of the biggest advantages of living close to Napa is the proximity to all the fabulous vineyards that dot the boarder of the Pacific Ocean! Though I am no way close to being a wine connoisseur, my husband does enjoy meandering and dabbling in wines, and over the course of time, we have visited several wineries and learnt much about the process of making wine, to share some insightful stories … [Read more...]

Are You In Control Of YOur Oral Hygeine?

Dental health is an essential part of keeping your body healthy. Looking after our teeth and gums is something that too few people take seriously enough. Yet it can be the difference between years of pain and discomfort, and a happy, healthy mouth for as long as you live. Taking care of your teeth does not have to be a difficult or time-consuming process, and in just a few minutes per day it is … [Read more...]

Bake Fest #12 – Guest Hosting Event Announcement

Blog Event

Its October already, and as far as Holiday Season goes, I think its time to turn on your ovens and start baking treats for you and your family! Cookies, cakes, muffins, pies and all tasty treats that you have on your wishlist, this is the time to dig out those recipe printouts, review your bookmarked recipes or scourge your cookbooks to start making desserts that you are going to enjoy through the … [Read more...]

Refurbish Your Kitchen This Festive Season


The Kitchen is an integral part of any household, and there is no better way to celebrate your festive season by giving it a new stylish look! And this can be done without straining your pocket much and squeezing out your time, as well. Rather than starting the process of a new look right from the scratch here is how you can do so by just adding some appliances and remodeling the desktops, drawer … [Read more...]

FFC Custom Calendar 2012 Giveaway


I opened my mail this morning and I am excited to see that Fun and Food Cafe's custom calendar for 2012 has finally arrived! Here's a preview of how it looks like! it looks so cute, and so inviting, just the way I wanted it:) I wanted to organize a giveaway in the New Year, but due to delays in printing and shipping, it got puched off. But nevertheless, its still mid-January, and I have a cool … [Read more...]

Simple Cheesecake Recipe

Cheesecake Recipe

  Simple Vanilla Cheesecake with Berry Topping When it comes to rich and creamy desserts, one name instantly comes to mind - Cheesecake, not just because it has Cheese in ts name, but because it truly is the king of all velvetty smooth desserts! With a crisp graham cracker crust, followed by a layer of fresh and smooth flavored cream cheese, then topped with your favorite fruit topping, a … [Read more...]