Easy Candle Crafts for the Holiday Season

martha-stewart-holiday-candlesThe holiday season brings with it a sense of sheer joy and excitement, and suddenly everyone, even the most lazy people find themselves enthused enough to join in the Holiday celebrations! To deck up your home for the festive seasons is an unparalleled joy, and though the markets are flooded with tonnes of enticing products, Doing-it-yourself is always more fun, and definitely more fulfilling. Decorative Candles are a prime area of focus during Christmas, and as I researched ideas for making some beautiful decorative candles at home, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorites across the web. You don’t need to be a designer, nor spend tonnes of money to decorate your home. A little time on your hands, some inexpensive craft materials, and the will to cherish the festivities is enough to get your home ready for the holiday glitter.

Holiday Patterned Candles via Marta Stewart
Pictured above are the wonderful decal-clad candles that shout out Happy Holidays right in your face! These are by far the best in the series. Martha has some wonderful holiday clip-art designs that can transform the most mundane candles into festive and extra-ordinary. Just choose any pattern from the list of her free clip-art designs, and print them on an 8×11 Decal paper. Cut and stick them around your candles for a lively Christmas look that will fill your heart with pride. I especially loved the blue and orange snow-flakes, as well as the green fall leaf patterns. Instructions & photo via Martha Stewart

lace-candlesLace Candles via Good Housekeeping
Set the mood for a romantic Valentine’s dinner, or any cozy night at home with votive holders slipped into something special — lace trim that lets the light dance through its open weave. its is super-easy, super-cheap, and yet looks so classy! try different colored laces to mix-and-match and create a warm and cozy holiday look. Instructions & photo via Good Housekeeping.

Fall Leaf Candles via Sunset Magazine
Extremely simple yet elegant, try sticking Japanese Maple leaves on your glass candle-holders for a sophisticated look. The play of light against the glass holders and the tall and colorful Maple leaves make this an alluring setting. Instructions & photo via Sunset magazine.

I’m no Martha Stewart, but I do have a few ideas stirring in my head on what I might be doing for my candle projects. They may not be as fancy as those above, but nevertheless, I thought it would be good to share them with you all.

Velvet-Clad Candles via Fun and Food Cafe
Get some thick white candles from Craft stores, and some piece of red or green velvet fabric. Cut it in shapes to wrap around the candles. Then use white velvet to cut out small stars or snowflakes, and paste them onto the wrapped candles for a lively Christmas look.

fall-leaf-candlesSeaside Candle Retreat via Fun and Food Cafe
If you are in the mood to beat this chill with a soothing seaside retreat theme, then get some light-blue colored candles, and a bag of various-sized sea-shells that you can grab from a Discount store. Now fill these empty shells with beeswax, or regular molten wax from used tea-light candles. Add a wick in the molten wax. Place these around the blue candles, and arrange everything on a metal tray filled with natural sand. The glowing sea-shell candles will give a soft glow to your chilly Holiday dinners.

Floating Fall Candles via Fun and Food Cafe
Take a large fish bowl and fill it with water. Add 4-5 large Maple leaves, arrange small colored tea-light candles in the center of each leaf. Then add some lovely rose petals in the fish bowl. The glow from the tea-light candles will create a beautiful reflecting effect as it dances on the rose-clad water layer and the lovely fall leaves.

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