How to Make Candied Edible Flowers

candied-edible-flowersCandied Flowers are nothing but edible flowers covered with sugared egg wash and then dried, then used for decorating cakes or garnishing food. Though natural flowers look pretty enough on a plate, candied flowers have a beauty of their own. Plus, they can be preserved for a longer time, and can also be eaten alongwith the food! For those who are not experts at frosting or sugar-crafting, this is a great way to make your cupcakes look prettier or add some color, flavor and aesthetic appeal to your food presentation. Its easy & fun, and you can do it with your kids too! (img source: Amazon)

Tools & Materials
Edible flowers (washed & free of pesticides)
Pasteurized liquid egg whites
Small paintbrush
Superfine sugar
Baking tray
Waxed Paper

1. Cut the stem of the flower.

2. Dilute the pasteurized liquid egg whites with some water(about 1-2 tbsp). Holding a flower with tweezers, brush the egg-white mixture on all surfaces with a small paintbrush.

3. Sprinkle the superfine sugar over entire flower. Place on a tray covered with waxed paper, and allow to dry. Repeat for all flowers.

4. Allow the flowers to stand in a warm, dry place until crisp, about 2 to 4 days, turning them around (especially the larger flowers) regularly so that moisture does not collect beneath them.

5. Once dry, store them in an air-tight glass jar. These Candied Flowers will keep for at least 1 month in a dry place.

Here is a list of Edible Flowers to get you going. Take it up as a weekend project and you’ll be surprised how easy yet fulfilling this is. It’s a great project to do with kids too!

You can use these beautiful and sweet candied flowers to garnish your food, or even add them as a topping to your desserts or fruit punches. The best use is to decorate cakes. Just add these flowers after the cake has been frosted, sticking them onto the cake with some sugar syrup so that they stay in place!

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  1. How fun is this? I love it!

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