7 Summer Makeovers to Refresh Your Home


Are you bored with the look of your house and need a refresh to reflect the warm and beautiful weather outside? And are you looking for DIY tips that will help you achieve a new look without breaking your bank? Then you’ve come to the right place, because I’m sailing in the same boat as you, and in a need to get a new look out of my home, I have outlined the top ideas and inspirational tips that will lead you to a Summer Makeover for your home. I am not a designer, but I do work in a creative field and understand the use of color and texture in dressing anything up, whether its a human or a home. Following simple design principles, and merging them with your own individual style is the key to creating an oasis that you will love to own and entertain in. Here are 7 simple ideas to get you started:

Add a splash of color
Décor trends in 2014 are pointing towards the reintroduction of color to the white, beige and grey landscapes in many homes today. This is easier to do than it sounds – you won’t even have to lift a paintbrush! When introducing a new color scheme it is important to use the same shade in a number of locations to create a sense of flow throughout the room. A drastic makeover can be achieved with a simple swap of cushion covers, some new wall hangings, a well placed throw and a change of window coverings, such as the installation of a decorative roller blind or a valance that softens the window edges.

Swap heavy curtains for sheers and layers
Most designers would agree that heavy curtains would be making their way out of our homes this year in favor of lighter and brighter window coverings, and we all know there is nothing like sunlight streaming into the home on a spring morning to lift the mood. Lighter, sheer fabrics are the key to creating a softer look, there are high quality options available in wool and linen. Silk is another good choice and slightly decadent. If you really must block out the light, even just during the night, then the addition of a black out-blind can facilitate this while allowing you to keep your light and bright daytime look.

Assert your individuality
The idea is to regain some originality and sense of individuality away from today’s social media obsessed society. Take the time to select something that is quirky and unique, such as a one of a kind vintage or hand made item. There is no better way to make a personal and eco-friendly statement in the home than by reclaiming something old and neglected and turning it into something new and fresh that suits your style. There are several design ideas available on the net, and some fabulous DIY blogs that will help you find the perfect way to reuse your cherished treasures and make them an attractive addition to your home decor.

Give a new life to old furniture
Old and tired furniture that has been hidden away or discovered in the auction room can be given a new lease of life with a fresh coat of paint to go with your chosen color scheme; pastels, violet and navy are all making a comeback. If you are interested in something a little more hands on, you could even try your hand at reupholstery. Earthy hues and global prints are hot right now; if you are a globetrotter it’s the perfect time to begin accessorizing on your travels, bright Indian prints or traditional Chinese florals are perfect.

Play with pillows
Buy a few plain pillows in a standard size, such as 18-by-18 inches, and dress them up with pillow covers to suit the season or the latest color and design trends. Choose animal prints, chevron patterns or large floral designs to set the mood and bring the summer season in. Swap them as often as you like to give your couch or bed a new look.

Use indoor plants to spruce up a room
There’s nothing easier and refreshing than adding an indoor plant on an accent table, in a hallway or on a side table. Choose plants that are vibrant in color, or have variegated leafy textures. It instantly lifts your mood as well as brings a zen feeling to any room. Plants are the easiest way to bring the outdoors inside.

Connect with your home
With so many ideas around it can be hard to know where to start, but the take-away tip is to invest in items that resonate with you on a personal level. Just because a color or a theme is in fashion, it does not mean you have to use it in your own home. Take the ideas that you like and personalize them to create a fashionable home based on your own tastes and preferences.

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