Layered Chocolate Cake

layered cake

Who doesn’t like chocolate Cake, especially when its homemade, and has rich layers of creamy chocolate butter-cream frosting, and a moist dark chocolate cake center that melts in your mouth! Its no wonder that Layered Chocolate Cake still remains to be at the top of the Perfect Birthday Cake list! Inspired by Dorie Greenspan’s Layered Birthday Cake in her prestigious cookbook Baking: From My Home to Yours, I wanted to try a hand at homemade birthday cake, albeit, given the chocolate lovers in my house, it was an easy decision to make. This delicious piece of cake that you see above is an adaptation of Dorie’s recipe, along with useful tips from the King Arthur Flour website (images courtesy of, and though it sounds like a lot of work, it really needs just a little bit of planning, and an allotted time so you can bake the best birthday cake ever!

So what’s the secret behind baking a perfect layered cake? Well, there are just a few tricks that will help you master the art of baking layered cakes. They did prove to be extremely helpful to me, so I’m sure you’d love to keep them in your stride too!


Tips For Baking Perfect Layered Cake
1. Bake the cake at a lower temperature (usually 300 instead of 350) for a longer period of time, so the cake does not puff up too much in the middles, stays flatter, thereby giving even layers.

2. Use a large & wide serrated knife to trim the top and sides of the cake, a process called leveling in layered cakes. This assures smooth cuts and fewer cake crumbles.

3. Always use a cake board to assemble and frost your layered cakes. It is the best and most convenient way to transport the cake in and out of the refrigerator while you frost the layers, and well as the final icing. It is advisable to cover the cake board with wax paper so you don’t make it a mess when you decorate your cake.

4. Apply a thin layer of frosting known as the base coat or crumb coat, which glues the crumbs into the cake after you have leveled the layers. When all crumbs have been evenly covered, pop the cake into the fridge for 20 minutes, then remove and proceed with a regular thick layer of frosting.

5. Always use correct consistency of icing as mentioned in your recipe, to frost the cake. When in doubt, try to chill your icing, it helps in creating even layers and cleaner frosting.

There, with the above tips coming to your rescue, plus a little video below to demonstrate how its done in action, you just have to follow the recipe outlined below to a tee, and you’ll be on your way in baking perfect layer cakes for all occasions. And don’t worry if it doesn’t look professional enough – remember, a little it of tardiness goes a long way in saying that you baked it yourself, and that’s what makes it more cherishable for your loved ones!


  1. This cake is soooo yummy! The cake part is dark , delicious, sinfully rich and above all moist. I did mix in some milk chocolate for both the filling and the frosting because it was a tad bitter for my taste but to each their own. I so wish I could post a pic. Delicious !!

  2. Thank you! I will definitely post results!!

  3. Hi Amanda,
    sure! you can replace the espresso powder with equal amount of cocoa powder if you like. Hope it turns out great for you and your hubby:)

  4. So my hubby hates any type of coffee taste in his haves. Is there any way I can replace or delete the espresso powder?

  5. Mahnosh says:

    Hi Mansi, I cut the recipe in half and made one 9 inch round cake. It never rised fully and was very moist. I did substitute the vegetable oil for grape seed oil. Not sure if that changed how the cake turned out.

  6. Mahnosh says:

    I would like to try this recipe. For the filler frosting you ask for cream. What cream are you talking about? Heavy cream, whipping cream, or half and half?

    • Hi mahnosh..thanks for your comment. You should use heavy cream for the frosting or the whipped cream that you get in the grocery store. It should be thick and firm, not runny or liquid otherwise it will mess up the frosting. Let MW know how it goes!


      • Mahnosh says:

        Perfect thank you for letting me know. I will make this cake in a few weeks for my daughters 10th birthday! I will keep you posted how it turns out.

  7. My favourite. Makes me feel hungry. Looks Superb.

  8. omg !love-love-love it. I am bookmarking the recipe. looks fab

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