DIY: Recycled Cardboard Organizer

A filer or organizer made with recycled fedex boxes Ritika has been inspired by her Art teacher at school lately, and is now more and more involved in her craft projects at home; she even has her own homemade caddy with a set of glue-sticks, pencils, toddler scissors, ribbons and markers, which keeps her busy most of the time while I complete other chores. It is so endearing to see a 3-year old … [Read more...]

DIY: Posicle Stick Kid’s Puzzles

Today was my darling daughter's first day at pre-school, and as I dropped her off, a collage of images filled my mind - it was like one minute she was this cute and cuddly newborn, so delicate to put down in an infant car seat as we made our way home from the hospital, and next minute she is this poised and perfect 3-year old, excited to be at her new school, telling me that "You can leave now … [Read more...]

DIY: Multi-Colored Melted Crayon Discs

Multi-Color Crayons made by melting old & broken crayon chips With kids, its easy to become a kid yourself and immerse into a colorful, magical world that one can only witness as a kid! My 3-year old has so many questions, sometimes I really wish I could put an end to them, but more often than not, her questions lead us to undertake beautiful adventures to find the answers that she seeks. … [Read more...]

How To Make Christmas Ornaments At Home

Homemade Christmas Ornaments Gone are the days when everything used to be Homemade, especially during Holiday season. Lack of time and easy availability of stuff at affordable prices make buying stuff an attractive bet, versus making something yourself. However, I'm sure everyone of you will agree, that making things yourself is a great way to indulge your creativity, and holiday crafts are a fun … [Read more...]

Spiced Nuts in a Jar

Spiced Nuts are often the best tidbits to serve at any Holiday gathering. Their versatility makes them a crowd favorite, and you can make them spicy, savory, sweet, or a dash of all together. Get inspired by holiday flavors and add cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, maple- any flavor that you fancy and give a new twist to your spiced nut recipe. They also make a wonderful gourmet gift or party favor. Just … [Read more...]

Diwali Celebration – Ideas Crafts & More

  If you have Indian neighbors, you have probably already seen them stringing lights around their house, as Diwali approaches. Diwali is a very popular festival celebrated all over India, and Indians residing around the world. It is also the Hindu New Year for some Indians, and is generally celebrated as a 3-5 day festival, just like Christmas or Thanksgiving. It helps us Indians spread … [Read more...]

Easter Egg Hunts & DIY Crafts

Photo courtesy of Hostess BlogEvery year, most of the Christians celebrate Easter in Spring, somewhere in the month of April. As part of modern traditions, everyone joins the celebrations, especially as Easter Bunny and Easter Egg Hunts promise to be a source of joy to little kids. Being a mom of a toddler, I am trying to get up-to-date with US trends and traditions too, so I can get my little one … [Read more...]

Unique Ideas To Create Personlized Holiday Cards

Diwali Card created using PurpleTrailThe festival season is upon us, and pretty soon, you'll find yourself planning for your Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner, not to mention the Navratri and Diwali celebrations that are going on strong with the Indian community around the world. Festivals are very important in one's life, especially as it is often the time when the entire family tries to be … [Read more...]

Unique & Affordable Holiday Gift Ideas

As the Holiday season looms in, everyone is busy preparing gift lists for friends and family. Unfortunately, the concerns about the economy may force many of us to keep a tight budget this year! But don't worry, there are plenty of thoughtful gifts that you can make, create or buy and convert them to personalized gifts that your family will appreciate, and those that don't leave a dent in your … [Read more...]