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A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million! Watching a video makes things so much easier, and here at FFC, we believe in the power of technology! Every day, we’ll feature a video that will teach you something new, or perhaps show you a way of doing things more efficiently. Hope you enjoy this segment. As always, your feedback and comments are most appreciated!


Fall Favorite Recipe – Apple & Honey Cake With Ground Almonds & Citrus Zest
As you bake this cake, your house will smell of the fall season, literally! Dice some fresh gala Apples, mix them with some all-purpose flour, honey, orange and lemon zest, and some toasted ground almonds to make this fabulous cake that is rich and dense, and extremely Fall-worthy. Dust it with some powdered sugar and serve it with hot coffee or tea for a heart-warming Fall recipe!