Vegetarian Thanksgiving – Recipe Carnival

vegetarian thanksgivingNovember has begun, which means festivals and holiday celebrations, including Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Its traditional to say “Thanks” by hosting family dinners, and even though “Turkey” is the preferred choice for a Thanksgiving menu, there are bound to be some vegetarians at your dinner table, or some who simply choose to host a Vegetarian Thanksgiving! For the benefit of all such people, I thought it would be great to have a Vegetarian Recipe Carnival, and I invite all you foodies out there to join me in this event!

“Vegetarianism” is more of a choice for many, but for a few of us it is more deep-rooted; it is in fact, a way of life rather than just a “concept” that you warm up to. However, with increasing demands on the food chain, more and more people have become aware about incorporating Vegetarian options in their diet – as its healthier, and helps preserve the natural elements!

So, whatever may be your motive, for the month of November, we ask you to share all your delicious Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes with us. Be it appetizers, main course, sides, drinks or desserts – as long as it has No meat or Seafood, bring it on! This will be an ongoing Carnival, means I post your recipes as soon as I receive them – no waiting for the Roundup Day! Here are a few simple rules to follow:

1. Your recipe can be anything, as long as it is “Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian“; which means NO Meat or Seafood, however, Eggs & Dairy is allowed, and is fancy enough for a Holiday Dinner.

2. Post your recipe on your blog, include a link back to this blog, then send an email to funandfood[at]gmail[dot]com, with your Recipe Link, and an optional photo.

3. I will update the Roundup Post as I receive the entries, starting from Nov 15th; so you can get some ideas for the coming Thanksgiving too! I will drop a comment when I receive your entry.

4. Please limit 2 recipes per blog; you can definitely send in previously-posted recipes, as long as you update them with a link back to this blog.

5. Entries will be accepted from Nov 4th until Dec 4th, so you have enough time to send us what you cooked on Thanksgiving Day!

That’s it – the aim of this Event is to gather as many Vegetarian Recipes as we can for Thanksgiving menu. Potatoes, Breads, Fruits, Casseroles, Greens and Salads, and the colorful fall bounty – there’s lots of vegetarian options to choose from! So set the ball rolling, and start sending over your delicious recipes! Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!


  1. Hope you got mine, sent it at thge nth minute!

  2. Happy Belated Thanksgiving and an early Merry Christmas. Just sent u my first entry. But just in case u don’t get it, the post is here

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!!
    I just mailed u my 2nd entry.

  4. I am in Mansi..quite new to ur wonderful blog..:)

  5. I have sent my entry 🙂

  6. sent in my entry!

  7. Hi Mansi, sent a mail last night with the details of my entry. Check it out when you find time. Thanks.

  8. Hi Mansi,
    sent u my entry!

  9. I have sent you my entry 🙂

  10. Oh, wow, THANKS for doing this!! 😀 We don’t actually “do” Thanksgiving, but every year, we have a vegetarian Thanksgiving meal, as an excuse to do the food. :p And all these vegetarian options are going to rock! 😀

  11. Thanks for the comment and invitation! I’d be happy to submit my cranberry chutney recipe.

  12. Hi Manasi – This is interesting. Will surely participate!

  13. Mansi

    just sent u my bread…


  14. Count me in! I am happy to see that the deadline extends till after Thanksgiving. Great event!

  15. Thanks for the comment Mansi,I will surely try to pitch in.

  16. thanks people! even I’m excited to see what all everyone comes up with! I’m looking forward to all these recipes so I can get more veggies into my system, and dress them up nice and fancy for the dinner table :)!

  17. This looks great, and although you’re right, the squash bake would have been perfect, I have another recipe waiting in the wings I think I’ll give a go, just for you! Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

  18. Thanks for the invites. I will try to come up with something 🙂

  19. Hi Mansi,
    Thanks for inviting me, I am definitely on board baby!!!

  20. Hey Mansi!
    Nice event there! I am very eager to participate! hoping to join the foodie group!!

  21. Nice event mansi, will post my entry.thanx for hosting a wonderful event

  22. hi DK – yes, previously posted entries are most welcome, as long as you update the post and link back to this announcement:)

  23. I already have posted Thanksgiving dishes in the last few is it ok to send already posted dishes?

  24. HC – just to clarify, only meat & seafood is not allowed…eggs and dairy is fine, so you can send in your baked goodies!)

    Thanks Pooja and Anu! look forward to your entries:)

    Divya – yes, 2 recipes from a cook like you is not too much to ask, right?:)

  25. will come up with one soon! Count me in!

  26. Fancy, vegetarian and festive two dishes right? 🙂 I will surely try Mansi…

  27. really a good idea.
    let me see if I can come up with anything nice 🙂

  28. I will have to really look around , as mostly my dishes include all of the things you omitted

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