Scented Candles – Febreze Home Collection

red-herb-potato-saladIf you’ve seen the latest Glade Fragrance ads, you’ll surely agree with me that it does sound inviting to have your home smell fresh and flowery, especially as it can melt away most of your stress as you enter your humble abode after a tiring day at work. However, I’ve tried several scented candles, reeds and fragrant oils over the years, but nothing seems to work that great. But the new Scented Home Collection from Febreze comes close to being perfect, and looks stylish too!

How is Febeze different from the others? Well, people have used the regular odor-eliminating spray cans since years. But now, inspirational design combined with beautiful fragrances go one step ahead in creating the refreshing oasis you aspire. The new Febreze Flameless Luminary accents your home with scent and style. It comes with decorative, scented shades that you can change to let a flickering light shine through. Replace your scented shades with the latest scent and design every season of the year, for a fresh new look.

Refills are available in various scent and design combinations, to suit your taste, as well as the room and the occasion. To replace it, just remove and discard the old shade and place your new scented shade on the base. Look for seasonal Flameless Luminary Refills in limited edition seasonal scents and styles. You can choose from fruity smells like Pomegranate, Cranberry or Mango, or go for Naturals like Willow Blossom, or calming Herbal fragrances like Green Tea & Citrus.

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