Refurbish Your Kitchen This Festive Season

The Kitchen is an integral part of any household, and there is no better way to celebrate your festive season by giving it a new stylish look! And this can be done without straining your pocket much and squeezing out your time, as well. Rather than starting the process of a new look right from the scratch here is how you can do so by just adding some appliances and remodeling the desktops, drawer fronts and countertops.

1. Doors and Kitchen Cabinets
The basic idea of refurbishing is utilizing efficiently whatever material is already there in your modern kitchens. Replacing the doors can give a refreshed look and various DIY stores have ready stock of doors. You may also try some manufacturing companies that offer replacement deals suitable in every budget. If your doors are made from wood, and you do not want to replace it, add a dash of fresh paint or varnish to make them look new. Carpenters can also add laminates or get it sanded if you wish to.

2. Worktops
Worktops can also be re-created into desired patterns. The best way is to add some colored glass over it. This is an affordable solution and if you can part with some more money than you have a host of other choices like stone, polished plaster, steel and concrete. Stones like granite naturally exist in sheets, and they have only to be measured and cut in sizes. Polished plaster, concrete and stainless steel suit urban aesthetics and are hugely in vogue. You may create a worktop even with environmental friendly material, like the particle-board, low-emitting cores. Some of them are even equipped with solatubes that give natural light all day along.

3. Appliances

The refrigerator cannot be remodeled at once, but you may definitely get it replaced with another fridge with large capacity with built-in features. If you do not want to do so, you may add accessories inside to make the best utilization of space. Adding an extra rack or shelf may make it more functional, and there is a host of other features that are made for various models like the wine racks that are spaced in between the shelves and can hold up to five bottles.

If your oven is not at its best form, it is good to get rid of it. But since the budget is an essential criterion, you can also get it repaired. For example, the gaskets often prove loose and worn out for which the temperature is not maintained. The oven door can also be out of place if the hinges are not in perfect condition. Get them repaired immediately and restore balance.

Among festivities, the least that you would want is an appliance malfunction. Here are some of the tips that might help you to keep your dishwasher in perfect shape-
i) Empty and clean the filters, located in the bottom of the dishwasher so that it is not clogged with leftover food. It is imperative or else the dishes in the lower rack will not be effectively cleaned.
ii) Remove grease and limescale beforehand because both can be detrimental for your dishwasher. They might actually make other parts fail and render it incapable.
iii) Never overload the dishwasher, even in time of a lot of dishes. Place glasses and cups on the top and soiled face facing the source of water. The spray arm must work unhindered.

Kitchen Island
Make this the focal point of your kitchen. Use a nice counter-top, and go for a modern but utilitarian design, like shown in the picture above. Use it for extra storage, or as a bookshelf for magazines and kids books, and to stuff small things like purse, wallet, keys, remotes, etc, use jute or fabric baskets.

The easiest way to alter the look of a kitchen is by re-painting and adding personal touches to accessories. Enhance the aesthetics of your modern kitchens this festive season with stylish appliances like hoods, stoves and refrigerators in different styles and colors. Go for bold colors and patterns for accent, and celebrate the holiday in style!

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