How To Prevent Cold & Flu Attack

prevent-flu-kidsYou may find this a bit late into the Flu season, but regardless of the time, its always a good idea to evaluate your daily routine and see what you can do to prevent the attack of Flu in your family, as well as what you can do to alleviate the pain if you are already suffering from the inevitable virus attack. As temperatures drop to freezing points in most places around the world, and you see more and more people calling in sick around your workplace, you know its time to take things in your stride so you can protect yourself from the Flu bug. Here are some tips and ideas to help you keep yourself and your family safe and healthy.

Drink Plenty of Water
Drinking enough water is really important all year round, but especially when the body is exposed to the flu: So drink at least two liters of water per day. Other liquids or juices cannot be substituted for Water, so don’t think you can load up on juices and sodas. However, buttermilk, lentil or vegetable soups and plain water are totally recommended.

Strengthen your Immune System
The only way to avoid getting infected by virus and bacteria is to strengthen your immune system. And you can do this by increasing the amount of vitamins, especially vitamin C in your diet. Lemon is an essential source of vitamin that tends to fight against the flu. So regardless of whether you have a glass of hot lemon juice, or just a few drops of lemon juice added to your morning tea – this can help your body fight off the flu. Of course, also having a diet that consists of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables will help. Make sure you stay away from known food allergies. Also indulge in light-to moderate Aerobic activity each day, about 20-30 mins, and get some fresh air if you can; these exercises help increase the body’s natural virus-killing cells.

Practice Good Hygiene
With the threat of H1N1 running all around, practicing Good Hygiene is the only way to systematically clean and remove germs from the five areas where they are most likely to enter the body: the hands (particularly underneath the fingernails), the corners of the eyes, the nasal passageways, the ear canals and the mouth. Use good soap rich in lather and warm-to-hot water to clean your hands and face, at least 2-3 times a day, and after every meal. This will help build up your immune system and an assist in the reduction of colds and flu, allergies, and sinus problems.

Keep Yourself Warm
This ma sound very simple and ridiculous, but it is extremely important to keep yourself comfortably warm so that you can maintain a good blood flow throughout your body. Always wear thick socks to prevent cold feet, get enough exercise to keep your metabolism up. Saunas and hot showers, ending with cooler water sprays are a good way to acclimatize your body against changing temperatures. However, showering with very hot water is also NOT recommended, as it will decrease your resistance to cooler weather.

Get Enough Rest & Sleep
You can try all the above methods to keep yourself and your kids safe from the attack of the Virus. However, if you still get infected, you have to let your body rest completely, at least 5-6 days so that it can fight the virus and get you back into a healthy state. Feed yourself plant-based foods that are rich in phytochemicals, so anything red, dark green or yellow is good. Stop Smoking, cut back on Alcohol, and cut back on sugar-rich foods, all of which help reduce your immunity. Take plenty of rest and relieve yourself of stress so that your body can recover faster.

Getting the seasonal Flu vaccines is a good idea, especially for kids, elderly people, or those who are pregnant or sick, as their natural immune system is at a lower functional level. However, this will only help provide protection against one breed of virus, while the Flu virus keeps mutating every time. No one can be 100% protected, but following the above steps will definitely help you be more healthy in a natural way. Take extra care of inculcating good hygiene and values in your kids, especially when they spend their days in school or day care, or public places which are more prone to infections. Remember, Prevention is better than Cure, so take a few extra steps needed to guard yourself and your family from the pathogens during the freezing winter months!


  1. This is a very informative post! Colds and flu is so common these days because of the weather.

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  3. very informative post at the right time of the year! loved reading it.

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