How To Cleanse And Detox Your Body and Mind


When you are feeling down in the dumps and sluggish, you do everything you can to feel better about yourself. Sometimes this comes in the form of a luxurious bath. Sometimes you can make yourself feel invigorated by going on a brisk hike up a very steep hill. The thing is, feeling good about yourself will vary depending on the season and your mood. It can also take anything from a great workout to an overhaul on your diet to make you feel more uplifted and energized.

There are people out there who hear the word ‘cleanse’ and immediately think of starving yourself, juicing or enemas to get rid of the nasties lurking within. Cleansing means so much more. It doesn’t just refer to your insides, it means your outsides and your thoughts too. You could cleanse your mind and soul by attending yoga and mindfulness classes. You can cleanse and balance your diet by swapping from food high in sugars and saturated fats and eating raw, whole foods instead. Cleansing can happen on a daily basis, as long as you do the research and give yourself the time to feel good. Put simply, changing your habits bit by bit can eventually help your body reach the pinnacle of health it was always meant to live at, and with our tips, you can achieve this yourself.

The guidelines say we should all be drinking at least two liters of water every day to be well hydrated. Sometimes, you end up drinking more than this. Water makes up almost half of your body weight, so you need a good flow of water in and out of your body to maintain your health and cleanse all toxins. To make it more fun, avoid adding artificially sweetened juices and cut fresh fruit like lemon or oranges into the water you are drinking. This is especially good first thing in the morning, where your metabolism cranks up for the day.

Taking the time out of your day for just fifteen minutes of centered thinking and mindfulness is just as important for your mental health as it is for your overall wellbeing. You can use meditation videos like these online to help you to focus your breathing and relax.

So, we mentioned juicing earlier on. If you haven’t heard of it before you can read up on the comprehensive benefits of juicing here. It can act as a way to detox your body and kick start fat loss. While you consider detoxing, think about all natural & organic detox tea options that are available on the market. Switching your caffeine fix for this tea can instead give you everything you need to wake up and feel energized without resorting to a skinny latte.

Everyone knows the physical benefits of getting that heart rate up and pumping, but what about more passive exercises? It’s not just yoga or Pilates, but swimming is also a peaceful way to work out and tone up. Cleansing your body is about feeling good and when the blood is pumping around your system and the adrenaline is rushing, it feels good. Half an hour a day of exercise can make the world of difference to your entire life, so get started now.

Have you ever listened to your favorite songs and instantly felt good about everything in your life? That’s because music is healing. It gets you moving, it gets you feeling things you may usually push away as life gets so busy. Listening to music can invoke a reaction in you that can actually help you work through stress – it’s one of the many reasons people work out to music with a great beat.

Whether you choose to head to a local sauna or steam bath, or you simply add some oils to a bowl of hot water and breath it in, steam is good for your skin. It allows you to sweat out the toxins, leaving you feeling cleansed and revitalized. Going for a sauna after a workout and before you swim can really help your body to recharge, so don’t knock it – even if it is a bit hot!

Booking yourself for an invigorating massage once or twice a year should be seen as more than a treat, especially if you work at a desk or in manual labour. Having someone remove the tension from your muscles can leave you feeling cleansed and renewed, so put your name down for your local spa!