Healthy Vegetable Wraps

healthy-vegetable-wrapLooking for a healthy snack alternative for your kids? Then you can’t miss wit this Healthy and Filling Vegetable Wrap recipe! I frequently get requests for non-bread based Kids Snack recipes, and I hope this one satisfies our readers! Made with flour tortillas and filled with nutritious vegetables, beans, lentils, avocado, salsa and cheese, it is a complete source of vitamins, minerals, protein, good fats, calcium and whole-grains – perfect for lunch or picnic snack. It tastes great when served hot off the grill; pair it with a glass of Orange juice and you’ll feel good about what you are feeding your kid!

[Recipe & photo courtesy of Bawarchi Food]

4 Flour Tortillas
Vegetarian Refried Beans (or cooked rajma)
Shredded Yellow Cheese
4 tbsp Salsa
2 tsp oil
Chopped Vegetables for the filling –
Shredded Carrot
Raw Mango
Bell Pepper
Moongdal Sprouts

Take a saucepan and heat the oil. Saute the onions till light pink and soft, then lower the heat and add the Refried Beans. Mix in the Salsa, and heat the mixture for a couple minutes

Heat the Flour Tortillas in a pan or MicroWave one at a time. Remove the tortilla and place it in a plate or say an aluminum foil. Spread a layer of the bean mixture, top it with your choice of chopped vegetables and avocado, then cover it wit a generous helping of the cheese, and some more salsa if you like. Wrap or Roll the Tortilla tightly, insert a toothpick in the center to hold it, or cut into 2 pieces diagonally.

Repeat with all the other tortillas. Right before serving (but before cutting into pieces), reheat them in the microwave for 2 minutes so that the cheese melts and the vegetables become soft.

Serve the vegetable wrap instantly with a dipping sauce or Yogurt Raita. A perfect healthy meal for your kids, loaded with vegetables and yet tasty to eat!


  1. I just bought a pack of tortillas – am going to try this for dinner – thanks!

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