Chamomile Tea

chamomile tea

Chamomile Tea

The science of using herbs and flowers for natural remedies is very ancient, and has been widely adopted by all cultures. In fact, some of these are now gaining more ground, as most of the medicines available these days seem to have more side-effects than healing effects! More and more people are leaning towards natural herb remedies for prevention of minor day-to-day health problems. Chamomile Tea is one such concoction that is believed to have several beneficial qualities.

Some of the key benefits of drinking Chamomile Tea are as follows:

– It helps boosts the immune system
– It contains curative properties for treating sunstroke, colic and fever
– Drinking hot tea mixed with lemon helps fight common cold infections
– It helps relieve muscle spasms and menstrual cramps in women
– It is also popularly used to reduce acne and skin allergies.
– Chamomile has anti-fungal properties to treat wounds
– Mixed with water, it acts as a moisturizer for dry skin.
– Promotes better digestion when consumed right after a meal
– Acts as a mild stress-reliever and sleep inducer, especially for young kids

However, no matter how natural your remedy is, you should still take precautions as suggested, especially if you suffer from any allergic reactions to certain herbs, flowers or plants.

It is recommended to AVOID Chamomile Tea

– If you are Pregnant, as it is linked to a higher rate of miscarriages.
– Also, do not take it if you are on any prescribed medicines that also contain blood thinners or analgesics.
Anaphylactic shock symptoms were noticed in a few children after ingestion of chamomile tea, so check with you pediatrician before giving this to your child..
– Consuming this tea in higher than recommended doses can cause severe Nausea and vomiting

Chamomile is an annual with small, daisy-like white flowers with yellow streaked centers. Seep a cup of fresh hot and soothing Chamomile Tea to get you relaxed and calm.


How To Make Chamomile Tea
You can prepare chamomile tea very easily, either by using fresh Chamomile flowers, or dried flowers and leaves, either as tea bags or in the loose form. Boil one cup of water in a saucepan. As the water boils, add a teaspoon of chamomile tea into it. Boil for another minute, with the lid on. Remove from heat and let it sit for one or two minutes, so that the flowers are allowed to steep. You can strain the tea and consume it with honey, which can be used as a sweetener. You may even add a little bit of lemon juice and ginger juice to to this tea to enhance its medicinal value.

Like everything else that’s Herbal, one should exercise caution while consuming herbal drinks and products. There’s no guarantee that what worked for someone else will work the same way for you too. Human body is different, so always try something in a very small quantity to see if it suits you or not. I personally drink Chamomile Tea every other day, and have even given it to my toddler when she has a bad cold. Mixing a tea bag in her bath water also helps calm her down at bedtime. So if you haven’t tried Chamomile yet, now is the time to go herbal and see if this ancient European herb can help alleviate some of your distress or not!


  1. Thank you for this detailed explanation about health benefits of Chamomile tea 🙂 To me, Chamomile tea is really pleasant, especially when you take time to brew and smell a cup of it. It will add more pleasure to your morning. Regarding acne treating benefit of Chamomile, I have made an in-depth article here showing how to use this type of tea correctly.

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