5 Types of Herbal Teas That Are Good For Your Body


Everybody knows that a cup of tea can cure a lot of simple problems. It’s no wonder why tea has been one of the most popular beverages of choice for the last few thousand years. But in addition to warming you up on a rainy day or giving you a bit of extra energy, different kinds of teas have other health benefits, too. The war between which one is more beneficial – Coffee or Tea, has been going on for ages, and though I love both the beverages equally, I think I would lean towards the latter if the discussion involves doing more good to one’s body. While not all teas are full of health benefits, it’s no secret that many of them are. Skip the heavily sweetened instant tea and brew a fresh cup of something natural to start feeling good again, and make sure it’s a quality tea from China Mist Tea Company.

Almost everyone knows about the health benefits of Green Tea, and if I were to focus on those today, I’d take up one whole post, so let’s leave that topic for another day. However, besides Green tea, there are several other teas that carry nutrients helpful to our bodies and immune systems. I’m sure you’ve come across some of them already, but if not, then here are 5 more varieties of tea that can do good to your body!

Oolong Tea
If you’re looking for a tea to help you shed some pounds, look no further, as Oolong tea is the tea for you. Oolong tea helps boost metabolism, meaning you’ll be burning fat faster after you drink a cup. Oolong tea can even raise your metabolism for up to two hours after you drink it, since the antioxidants in it combine with the caffeine to help you shed some pounds. Additionally, oolong contains some polyphenols that act as fat blocking enzymes. Add a cup of oolong in the afternoon for a great diet enhancer.

Black Tea
Black tea is full of great benefits that will keep you feeling fantastic. The polyphenols in black tea help to prevent plaque from sticking to your teeth, meaning you’ll have fresher breath. The polyphenols also help inhibit the growth of bacteria in your mouth, which could prevent other types of illnesses. In addition to helping prevent bad breath, black tea is a great choice to help prevent diabetes since it helps to inhibit glucose.

Passionflower Tea
For those who suffer from occasional anxiety, passionflower tea is a great thing to consider adding to your beverage lineup. Chrysin is naturally found in passionflower, and chrysin has been shown to have natural anti-anxiety effects. Drinking a cup of passionflower tea before bed will help ease your mind, and it will help you fall asleep easier, even if you don’t experience anxiety.

Peppermint Tea
If you experience occasional digestive issues, peppermint tea is a great solution. Peppermint tea is known to help with constipation issues, and drinking a cup will help you improve motility in your GI tract and get things moving again. Brew your peppermint tea strong, and consider steeping two bags, for the full effect.

Ginseng Tea
If you and your spouse have been having some trouble in the bedroom, a cup of ginseng tea might help solve that. Ginseng tea has been proven to boost sexual satisfaction and heighten arousal in both men and women, in addition to combating erectile dysfunction. Ginseng also increases sperm count, which could help with fertility issues.

I hope this short article gave you an idea about how different kinds of herbal teas play an important role in keeping our bodies healthy. You can always read more about each type of tea, and also consult a doctor or a healthcare professional before adopting any of these in your daily diet. However, considering the big move towards embracing the concept of natural remedies in life, I would surely encourage you to give these a try, and start with swapping at least one cup of coffee with a cup of beneficial herbal tea!

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