Pizza & Ice Cream Make a Perfect Pair – Good Food Good Life

People usually have a lot of friends and family over for labor day weekend, and all that entertaining can get really strenuous. So for last night, we wanted to do a party that is relaxing for everyone, and a bit fun too, something where I don’t have to laboriously work in the kitchen. So Pizza seemed to be the obvious choice. But making gourmet pizza can be a lot of work too, chopping the wedges, shredding the cheese, making the sauce and finishing the base. So imagine my surprise and happiness when I found a Gourmet Pizza Kit in Walmart during my grocery shopping – it was just what I needed to enjoy a light-hearted party without much work.


DIGIORNO® Design A Pizza™ Kit is something you’ll find in the frozen food aisle, along with all the other pizza products. But what sets this apart is that it is not just a pizza base, it’s a whole kit, complete with chopped and neatly packaged toppings. So all you do is grab your favorite kit, open the pizza, layer your toppings and bake.

photo 1

It was like a dream-come-true. Since the toppings are cut and frozen, it was easy for my daughter to decorate her pizza with them. In fact, I told her to decorate it any way she likes, so she decided to make a house, and you can see how that looked before it went into the oven.


Not much of a house, but hey, she was happy and proud of it, and I was happy because I could just sit back and relax for once, without worrying about watching her all the time.

photo 2

And now the most important part of the pizza – how it tastes! You’d be skeptical about any frozen pizza, or at least you wouldn’t have much expectations out of it – frankly, I didn’t. But when I put the first slice in my mouth, I was in for another surprise. It was nice and crispy, and held well while slicing and eating. It didn’t feel rubbery or uncooked, which tends to be the complaint with major frozen pizza. We had another family joining us for dinner, and even they really liked it. And the kids loved it too, they had to, after all, it was their own designer pizza!


The party was a blast, and the only thing remaining was the Dessert. And since I was determined to keep the party prep minimalistic, out came a box of NESTLÉ® DRUMSTICK® LIL’ DRUMS™. These cute little cons in Chocolate and Caramel swirl flavors had the kids jumping with joy. And they were the perfect snack size so you wouldn’t feel over-indulgent.

This was the most fun party with minimum work, or almost No Work. Thanks DIGIORNO® AND NESTLÉ®, for making this a perfect party for all of us! What is your idea of a stress-free party?

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