Onion Goggles – Say Bye Bye to Onion Tears!

onion-gogglesFor those who love to add onions to every recipe they make, but hate the crying and sulking that is associated with chopping onions, here is some relief that you can buy for as low as $20! Yes, Onion Goggles – a classic contraption that fits onto your eyes, just like swimming goggles, except not as painful, and you can say goodbye to onion tears forever. Does it work? Even I was skeptical, but after trying out a pair at a friend’s place, who prefers chopping onions by hand, instead of using an onion slicer, I have to say that they really work!

Onion Goggles – Do They Really Work?

I am extremely sensitive to chopping onions, and always end up with watery blurry eyes. Some say it is because I use a wrong technique to cut onions – but let me tell you that I have tried a lot of chef-style onion chopping techniques, all with the same result. It does provide me with a welcome escape as my hubby dear takes over the chopping task most of the time. But with these fancy Onion Goggles that actually look pretty sleek and stylish, I think I might have to share the workload with him more often!

Designed to provide complete eye protection while cutting onions, now you can say goodbye to tearing, stinging, irritated eyes when chopping, mincing, dicing or slicing onions and their relatives – leeks, scallions and chives. It limits exposure to the irritating vapors when handling onions, thereby providing the much-wanted relief to those who have tried all the other common folkloric remedies – burning candles, chewing bread, pre-freezing onions, running them under water, etc. The experts agree, the best way to prevent painful eye irritation created by exposure to onion vapors is to wear contact lenses or goggle type equipment when cutting onions.

The key to RSVP’s Onion Goggle design is that these goggles wear like glasses. Unlike true goggles, they slip on and off easily with disturbing a hair on your head. The comfortable foam seal blocks out those irritating onion vapors and the slightly tinted and fog-free lenses add to the maximum clarity of the goggles. They are available in black, white, green and pink, and fit most face shapes. They will not fit over glasses. A protective storage case keeps them clean and scratch-free. Also protect your eyes from smoke, spattering, and intense heat when cooking on the barbecue.

Guaranteed to work, they have previously been featured on The Martha Stewart Show, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Consumer Reports, The New York Times, and many esteemed publications. So if you don’t trust me, you might as well trust these other sources. You can buy them online or from retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond, Sur la Table, Cooking.com or any other kitchen appliance store. Do yourself a favor and gift yourself or a loved one (in my case, my hubby) a pair of RSVP Onion Goggles. it will surely make cooking a hell lot easier, and enjoyable.

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