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kitchen-tools-kidsKids these days are getting more and more interested in cooking and helping around the kitchen, and with the popular TV shows gaining ground, its intriguing how a 6 or 8 year old can come up to you donning an apron and say Mommy, let’s bake cookies! With the holiday season looming ahead, here are some fun, colorful and kid-friendly kitchen tools for your budding chefs! Whether they are serious about cooking, or just want to spend time helping you in the kitchen, hand them these tools and you might just inspire them to be a great chef! [Image courtesy of]

Sassafras Pizza Making Kit
Kids simply love Pizza, and not just eating it, but baking it too! And now, with this kid-friendly Pizza kit, you can help them bake a delicious Pizza for you and your family to enjoy! This Kit (pictured above) is recommended for ages 5 and above. It includes everything you’d need for making pizza – a 24-in. Apron, Non-stick Pizza Pan, Pizza Sauce, Pizza Crust Mix, Rolling Pin, Wooden Spoon, a Measuring Cup, and a Rhyming Recipe and Instruction Book. All you have to do is watch your kid as he bakes the first pizza of his life!
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Silicone Kitchen Utensils by Head Chef
The colorful Silicon Kitchen Utensils (pictured above) from the Harold Import Company (via Head Chefs) are sized to fit a child’s hand and designed for fun. Each tool has bendable arms and legs, and can be suctioned in place on a table or a kitchen counter-top. As you can see in the picture, they come in bright colors that your kids will love, and are made of food-safe, dishwasher-safe silicone. Just don’t let your kids put it into their mouths, as Silicone can be harmful. Each individual kitchen tool is available for &9.99.
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Rachael Ray Young Cooks Cutting Set
Everyone loves RR, even kids! And this colorful and exclusive new knife-set designed specially for kids will bring a smile to her young fans! It includes a 4-in. paring knife, 4-in. serrated knife and a reversible, cut-resistant glove. The cut-resistant glove is polyester, woven with stainless steel thread to reduce the risk of cutting injuries.
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Sassafras Little Cook Tool Kit
This complete tool-kit is a great gift for the kids who love getting their hands dirty, helping moms during meal preparations. it includes a Box-Pastry scraper, wooden spoon, measuring cups, measuring spoons, spatula, whisk, rolling pin, funnel, melon ball scooper & a vinyl bag. With non-slip handles and small sizes designed for kiddie-hands, it won’t be such a mess to clean up after you tiny-tot is done with his cooking!
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SiliconeZone Kids’ Flexible Bakeware Set
For the young aspiring chefs tingling to bake something for the holidays, here’s a 10-piece colorful silicone bakeware set that compliments the toolkit above. Included in the set is a wooden rolling pin, wooden spoon, recipe and instruction booklet, four cookie cutters and four baking molds (Christmas tree, Teddy Bear, Round Cake Pan and Tart Pan). Each of the molds has a patented, high-gloss, nonstick finish and a temperature range that reaches to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. It is easy to clean, and is dishwasher-safe.
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There are tonnes of other cooking-kits available for kids, but these are a few that caught my attention. I’m getting one for my 8-year old nephew who loves cooking, and I hope you can find one that is suitable for your young budding chefs too! And while you are on the hunt, don’t forget to get some kids cookbooks too!

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