Ideas for Celebrating Halloween – Martha Stewart Style!

halloween-kids-ideas1Halloween is around the corner, and though I’ve never had quite a grasp about why its celebrated, I’m all for going with the flow! Its a time for kids to have fun, a time to get as spooky as they can, time to make cupcakes & pumpkin pies, and if you are looking for ideas and tips on Halloween entertaining, or for simple ways to make your home “halloween-friendly“, here are some cool ideas to check out. Whether you plan to buy stuff, or do it yourself, there’s somthing for every mom! Let’s celebrate Halloween together in Martha Stewart style!

Martha Stewart has the most adorable and creative stuff for Halloween on their site. From fun kid craft kits to costume ideas, wall decor, and cupcake stencils, you’ll find it all in one place.


If food is on your mind, check out these ultra-useful Halloween Cake Stencils that make it so much easier to decorate spooky cakes for dinners. Or if like every other mom, you need to bake a platter of Halloween Cupcakes in a jiffy for your kid’s school, try these Cupcake Stencils which get as spooky as you want – from spiders and skulls to witches and bugs, they’ve got it all covered! These Pumpkin Treat Bags are a steal for $6.99!! they are not only adorable, but a pretty clever idea too!


If you are hosting a party, or looking for ideas to turn your living room into a spooky palce, just for a day, check out these cute Pumpkin Lanterns that add a touch of glamor to your room. Or how about these black and glittering Spooky Chandeliers that scream “Happy halloween” in your face!

For kids, the Bat Headbands are a rage, and so are the Spicer Web Goodie bags!! I’d love to have one of these for myself!

Like any other holiday, Halloween is a time to enjoy responsibly with your kids. its also a great way to engage your kids in fun crafts, or let them help you frost cupcakes and help in setting the table. Make the most of this time together, and let the ideas above help you plan a memorable Halloween Party!


  1. Love those pumpkin lanterns 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    ooh! look at those cute favor bags! and those Bat headbands are fun!

  3. I love martha and her crafts! those cake stencils look fabulous! and so do those Favor bags!!:)


  4. great tips thr mansi…i have never been part of this before…may b this time i cud do something abt it!

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