Irish Tiramisu Martini – Dessert Cocktail


Tiramisu is an extremely popular dessert, and not just for Italians. In fact, this is one dessert classic which has been adapted in more ways than one, so you can find coffee, cocktails, cakes, cookies, cheesecakes, ice cream, gelato, and even flavored yogurt – all in the Tiramisu flavor. The actual dessert takes some amount of preparation, and a fair amount of time to actually bake it. So for the few of us who are short on time, but yet want to enjoy this classic, here’s a real simple and sophisticated way to relish the taste of this classic sweet – make your own Irish Tiramisu Cocktail Martini.

Complete with all the traditional Tiramisu flavors, this original recipe from Cocktail Times has been modified to make it extra-special. Combining the taste of Tiramisu with an added whisk of some chocolate, Ice cream and Irish liqueur, this beauty can be ready in no time. Pair it with a couple of Nutella cookies and you have a stylish and elegant dessert cocktail that is prone to win you brownie points at your next entertaining heist!

Irish Tiramisu Martini- Served in a Glass

Makes 2 servings

1/4 cup espresso
4 oz Baileys Original Irish Cream
1/3 cup sweet mascarpone cheese
2 scoops vanilla, chocolate or coffee ice cream
2 to 4 ice cubes

2 soft ladyfinger cookies sliced lengthwise
** you can use other sandwich cookies, or Milano’s shortbread cookies instead
2 tbsp Nutella or Chocolate spread
Chocolate syrup

Blend together the espresso, Irish Cream, ice cream, mascarpone, and ice until smooth. Turn on the Froth/Whip setting on the blender and whisk for 5 seconds.

Drizzle chocolate syrup along inside edges of over-sized martini glasses using a squeeze bottle (as shown in the photo). If that seems hard, pour some chocolate sauce into a glass plate, then invert the glasses onto the plate to cover the rim with chocolate. Put the glasses in the freezer for 2-3 minutes so the chocolate sets a little.

Assembling the Drink
Now pour the mixture from the blender into the glasses. To serve the Irish Tiramisu Martini, take 2 sandwich cookies (you can use ladyfingers or Milano’s shortbread cookies), lather a generous helping of Nutella on the cookies and make a Nutella Cookie sandwich. Take a white serving plate, position the Tiramisu Martini in the center, and serve along with the sandwich cookies.

Flavor Variations
Believe it or not, this is a wonderful way to enjoy Tiramisu, without all the work that goes into making the actual dessert! Here are some suggested Flavor Variations:  

    1. You can switch the espresso with any other flavored coffee shot, like Irish Creme or Hazelnut  

   2.  A few chunks of walnuts thrown into the blender will work well too  

   3.  You can sprinkle some chocolate chips on the top, or chocolate shavings for added garnish  

   4.  For a fruity version of Tiramisu, spoon some Raspberry preserves at the bottom of the glass, layer it with some whip cream, then pour the blended Tiramisu mixture on the top

    Tiramisu is and always will be a cherished dessert recipe, and this simple dessert cocktail will help you enjoy and serve this Italian classic in a fun stylish way.

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    1. Tiramisu is a favorite dessert of mine! I suddenly fell in love with this one!

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