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Mornings in our house are a scene of madness! With my little one tucked in one hand, I manage to get my older one to brush her teeth quickly, then eat her breakfast quickly, get her lunch ready quickly, and finally get her and Dad out of the house quickly!! Yes quickly is the key word here, and if you are a mom, I think you must have a similar scene at your place too! I love having a nice breakfast with my cup of piping hot tea and some hot parathas – that fills me up and gives me enough energy to tackle the day with gusto. But more often than not, having a relaxed breakfast is like a dream that doesn’t materialize even on weekends, thanks to my 6-month old who is constantly clamoring for Mommy’s attention. However, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and thanks to Jimmy Dean Delights and their line-up of new breakfast products, all under 300 calories, it has become much easier for me to grab one out of the packet, throw it in the microwave, and have a filling breakfast in less then 5 minutes!

I am totally in love with their latest breakfast option – the Spinach Egg and Mozzarella Sandwich. Just heat it in the microwave for 45-50 seconds and you have a lovely breakfast sandwich ready in less than a minute. At just 160 calories, it is perfect for women like me who have weight loss on their mind! And though it tastes perfectly fine as it is, I like my sandwiches to be a bit more juicy, so I spruce it up with some fresh Avocados, some spinach leaves and tomatoes. A dash of seasoning and you are good to go. It still doesn’t take more than 2 minutes! Pair it with a glass of OJ for a refreshing breakfast, or better yet, pack it in a brown bag for a great lunch option!


Avocados are a great way to add some healthy omega-6 fatty acids to your diet, and the fact they they make everything taste so nice and smooth, makes it a very handy choice for sprucing up your sandwich. If you are in the mood for something a bit more lavish, try adding some sauteed mushrooms, some roasted red peppers and spinach for a more lunch-style sandwich. Pair it with a side of fruit or high-protein anti-oxidant-rice sweet potatoes for a complete meal.


Another way to enjoy these and also add some more protein for my little one is by quickly whipping up an omelette with an egg. Keep it plain or season it as you like, then place it on top of the heated Jimmy Dean sandwich. Layer it with some fresh tomatoes and basil leaves, then microwave again for 30 seconds to yield a delicious caprese-like sandwich. My husband loves this option, because its perfect to keep him full for a long time, especially when he’s busy enough to skip lunch in lieu of his meetings! At least I feel good that i was able to feed him a high-protein breakfast that can sustain his busy schedule for more than just a few hours.


Look at that sandwich, doesn’t it look really inviting! And at an attractive price of $5.98 for a package of 4 sandwiches, this is such an affordable and healthy alternative to a high-calorie and elaborate meal! If you want to try it yourself, just head on to your local Walmart stores and go grab a package in the frozen food aisle. They have more than 6 varieties to choose from, so I’m sure you’ll find one to your liking! For ideas and inspiration, check out their Facebook and Pinterest pages!

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    Thanks for sharing such a informative article.

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