Easy Halloween Party Recipes

halloween-menu-recipes-treatsHalloween is getting closer faster than you think, and if you haven’t finalized on your Halloween party menu yet, now is the time! Food is always an important aspect of any gathering, and Halloween is no exception! But as you prepare to entertain guests and tiny scary creatures in your house, you don’t want to be spending time in the kitchen and miss all the fun. So here’s a quick list of several goodies that I found on the web. From appetizers to crudites, cocktails and desserts, spooky as hell, or healthy and kid-friendly, here’s a little something for every party lover. Check out these Halloween recipes that will make your party extra-special, without too much work!

I Scream Sandwitches via Martha Stewart
halloween-treats Martha needs no introduction, and even without me telling you, I’m sure a lot of you must have already checked out her gallery of Spooky Halloween Treats! I particularly liked the I Scream Sandwitches, because they are not only easy to make, but they are super-cute too, well, in a spooky way! And while you are there, check out the devilishly cute Candy Creatures, which are sure to be a hit with the kids!

Pizza Mummies via FamilyFun
halloween-treatsFamily Fun has some really interesting halloween recipes, but I particularly liked a series on healthy Halloween treats! these Pizza Mummies featured above are a sample, perfect bite-sized snacks for the ghosts and monsters lurking around your dinner table. Food that is ghoulish yet healthy is surely something you cannot miss, so go check out the other favorites in the 15 Hauntingly Healthy Halloween Snacks

The Freaky party menu over at Food Network is something you ought not to miss! From Vampire Blood Tomato Soup to Freaky Pear Mice, they have some really spooktacular halloween Treats!

Foodista has some delicious Vegan Halloween Treats to offer, while the charming Hostess form the Hostess Blog has some more fashionably creepy Halloween treats to explore.

halloween-cocktail-vampireAs for Drinks & Cocktails, the folks at Fine Living dare you to explore their freakishly inviting array of Halloween drink recipes This lovely Vampire Cocktail, furnished with ice cream, triple sec and grenadine is what I am making for my Halloween party. So go on and choose your drink from the lavish list!

If you love entertaining, you will agree that Food is one of the prime ways to lure guests and impress them. I hope this special post about Halloween party recipes helps you plan a great gathering, and win over your ghosts and spirits that will enter your humble abode on the dark Halloween night!

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