Getting Your Kitchen Ready for Christmas!

christmas-preparationsChristmas, the most cherished holiday in most parts of the world is right around the corner, and its time to start settings things in order, especially in your kitchen, if you have a family reunion planned next week! While everyone remembers to get new china, tablecloths and silverware, its the essential kitchen supplies that need to be ticked off. You can be a great cook, but if you don’t have the right utensils to cook in, or the perfect bowls to serve your delicacies, it just won’t be all that great. From pots and pans to large serving bowls, get a head start on whether you have all you need to cook, serve and relish, in style, this holiday season!

Here’s a list of a few things you need to check off to make sure you are all set to entertain in style. Most of us like to keep our best stuff wrapped in paper and protected in the attic. But holidays are times to get them down and show them off.

Baking & Cookware
As baking is a primary activity during the holidays, its imperative to make sure you have all the tools and kitchen bake-ware to make your baking as stress-free as possible. In fact, a simple search online will get you several kitchen equipment discounts including cookie sheets, cake pans, measuring spoons, muffins cups, cutters, scrapers, and KitchenAid accessories. Make sure you have different cookie-cutters for all your fancy Christmas cookies, and also some fancy serving trays & tableware to serve those in! And don’t forget your big pots and pans, enough to cook for a large family, and also giant crockpots and bundt-pans, as no holiday is complete without a large pound cake, right?! Be sure to keep a set of kitchen knives handy, and a good Food processor which can cut your prep time in half!

Tableware and Cutlery
This is the time to flaunt your style, and though traditional tableware will never go out of fashion, feel free to experiment with colors and designs that you like. Just make sure you create a matched even look with whatever you choose. For a more traditional look, try tablecloths in vivid reds, greens or royal pinks, and go for white china, with matching silverware. If you have a really large group at the table, you can even mix-and-match two different dinner sets and create a unique yet colorful and festive ambience. And don’t forget the aromatic candles – they are a must to create the ethereal mood!

Drink and Dessertware
No meal is complete without a serving of cake, some fruits, some wine o champagne, and a cup of your favorite cappucino! Use co-ordinated serving plates or bowls for your desserts; individual pieces go much better than large portions. And using gold-rimmed goblets for serving your wine go a long way in enhancing the flavor and value of your wine, while christmassy glasses give a rich color to your cocktails.

Holidays and festive occasions are the only time when people forget the differences and come together to enjoy and celebrate, and unite in a way the fast-paced life doesn’t allow you to do very often. It is also a time to be creative, indulge a little, and impress your friends and family in style, and for all our special readers, we also have a special 8-11% discount coupon (use “club128” at checkout) for those interested in getting any restaurant supplies and equipment this holiday season.

So as Christmas comes closer, take this time to make your holiday check-list, especially for the kitchen, so you and your family can celebrate a holiday that everyone will remember, for years to come!

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