Coffee Creme & Chocolate Trifles

creme-chocolate-coffeeIf you are looking for a quick and easy dessert that will also get you up and going, then this Coffee & Chocolate Creme Trifles are just what you need. They are very easy to assemble, and they look stylish and elegant enough to be served at a cocktail party. Layers of plain pound cake, almond coffee, chocolate ganache and some creme fraiche, topped with frothy whipped cream and a ruby red cherry on the top, these babies are made to lure you to a dessert heaven.

As St.Paddy’s Day is round the corner, you can even substitute the Almond coffee with some plain old Irish Coffee, and swapping the Sponge Cake with some creamy Cheesecake or a warm Mocha Brownie wouldn’t be a bad idea either! I use semisweet dark Chocolate Ganache in this recipe, but you can skip the hassle and use some plain Chocolate Sauce, if you like. And to make this even more festive, I served it in small shot glasses – perfect for a mini treat!

Makes 4 small trifles served in Shot glasses

1/2 cup flavored coffee – brewed
1 cup heavy cream
5-6 ice cubes
4 tbsp chocolate ganache
2-3 tbsp semi-sweet chocolate chips
8 small pieces of pound cake (or cheesecake, or brownies)
cool whip cream- for topping
cherries – for garnish

Drop the ice cubes, heavy cream, flavored coffee and half of the chocolate chips into a blender. Whip it all up to make a smooth creamy mixture.

Now take a shot glass, layer it with some of the creamy coffee mixture. Add one slice of pound cake on the top. Repeat with another slice of cake and another layer of cream, and 1 tbsp Chocolate Ganache. Follow with a generous sprinkling of Chocolate Chips.

Finally, add some whipped cream on the top, and deck it all up with a half slice of cherry. Complete with the remaining trifle cups, and serve immediately.

These cute Coffee Creme & Chocolate Trifles are as pretty as any dessert can get, and they taste fabulous. After all, with coffee, chocolate, cake and whipped cream, there’s hardly a chance to mess up, right?! And with small portions that are great for entertaining, you don’t even need to worry about calories!

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  1. This looks delicious! Makes me nostalgic for a diner.

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