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Butter is a very versatile ingredient – it needs no introduction, and almost every recipe that you add butter too, you can be sure it is going to turn out rich, creamy, and delicious. The fats in butter also provide a lovely base for the herbs, spices or other main ingredients that are roasted in it. Be it luscious desserts or savory concoctions, Butter will always leave its mark on a recipe. So in conjunction with I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter – the largest low-fat buttery spread company, we are ready to honor this essential fat!

Its been a long time since we hosted a Blog event on FFCafe, but finally, we are about to host a lovely event and giveaway that almost everyone can participate in! Its called the Buttery Throwdown! All you have to do is

Create one Vegetarian recipe that includes BUTTER as a primary ingredient
Post it on your blog, and send us the link to that post.
Please include a link-back to this site in your post.
You have until August 25th to send us your recipes. Please limit to only 1 recipe per blog.
Please email your entries to mansibshah[at]gmail[dot]com

One lucky winner will receive a beautiful Toast Ambassador kit, sponsored by I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter! The prized package kit includes:

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! VIP Coupon good for a free product
KitchenAid 2–Slice Toaster
Ceramic Serving Basket to ensure baked goods stay warm at the table
4 clamp-top spice herb jars
Toast Tongs

So start cooking, send us your best buttery recipe, don’t worry about the calories, just send it in, so you could participate to win this attractive Toast Package! I will keep posting the recipe links as I receive them.


  1. Hi Mansi

    Thank you for the invitation! I have just sent you an email.
    Blackberry and Hazelnut Muffins

  2. Hi Mansi… Thanks for letting me know. So are desserts part of this giveaway or is it just cooking? Thanks.

  3. wow, that sounds like a great giveaway 🙂

  4. Wow, lovely giveaway..would love to participate

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