12 Back-to-School Vegetarian Recipes That Moms & Kids Will Love!

Its August already, which means there’s less than a month before school re-opens, and my mind is already stirring with what I am going to pack for my daughter’s lunch every day! As every parent knows, kids like being surprised, and they like getting different food for lunch every day, yet they are not very receptive to change, so its an oxymoron, and a very difficult situation for a mom to pack something that her child will happily devour at school. When it come’s to kids’ lunches, a few things are mandatory – small servings, able to et with hands without making too much mess, should have a ton of cheese, veggies should be cleverly concealed, and your child should be able to finish it in less than 11 minutes so he can spend the rest of his break time running on the playground and playing with his friends!

So here’s my list of 10 staple Vegetarian options that I turn to when I plan my daughter’s weekly menu. From pasta to sandwiches, to muffins and even pancakes, this menu is highly versatile, and giving them something that they like makes it easier to come back with an empty lunch box! But don’t worry, the desserts you see here are healthier than their regular counterparts, so you can still feel good about what you are feeding them everyday.


by funandfoodcafe at Foodie.com

These are my favorite recipes when it comes to back-to-school lunch options. I hope some of these inspire you too, and I’d love to get more ideas, because there’s never enough options when it comes to what would work with your kids. So bring it on – what are your favorite lunchbox ideas? Let me know via comments below.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of foodie.com. But the text, ideas and recipes collected are solely my own.

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