The Moroccan Berber Rug – A New Alternative to Carpet

When it comes to home décor, there are numerous ways to decorate a room. Some people like to decorate with wallpaper and paintings. Other people prefer furniture in order to give each room a comfortable type of look. Another trend that is becoming increasingly popular among a number of home and business owners is to feature a Moroccan Berber rug. Although the name is notably recognizable to some, the rug offers a number of benefits that many people can appreciate.

To understand one of the many reasons why a Berber rug is different from others, it is good to keep in mind the history of these amazing rugs. To begin, Berber rugs come from Morocco. The Berber people, which reside in the country, have a long history of creating rugs. While some rugs are created from many different kinds of fabrics and material, Berber rugs are woven from the wool of sheep that are found in the nearby Atlas Mountains. The wool is one of the many reasons why the Berber rugs are so popular.


While the material itself is important, it is also good to note that the Berber people have passed on their secrets and knowledge to their descendants as how to create an authentic Berber rug. It can seem easy to some to create a rug that looks great. Although some machines can create a rug in a brief amount of time, such a rug can lack the authentic look that one has when a human being creates it. The Berber people understand how to create a high quality rug in a timely manner.

The design and color of Berber rugs are intended to complement many different kinds of homes and offices. At the same time, some rugs may feature a more contemporary look that would work ideally in an office or a living room. Other rugs feature a more traditional look that can go in a bedroom or the entrance to a building. While people may disagree on whether a particular rug is better suited for a bedroom or office, the reality is that Berber rugs can work in many places within a building or a home.  Many rugs that can be purchased feature a white or cream color that can go well with a basic or snazzy room. The intertwined wool that is dyed naturally can provide a style and pattern that is meant to give each rug a unique look that is pleasant to view. Home and business owners do have a nice selection of Berber rugs that can complete a room and give it a wonderful look that is difficult to replicate.


Durability has been an issue for many rugs over the years. It seems as though some rugs can easily fall apart after being used for a few times. Other rugs may exhibit wear and tear almost immediately. Berber rugs can provide different results for a few reasons. First, Berber rugs are made from natural products, such as wool from sheep. Wool is designed to experience wear and tear throughout the course of the life of a sheep. Therefore, wool can be much more durable as compared with manmade products that are found within a generic rug. Next, Berber rugs are created by the Berber people. They know how to make a rug that will last and not fall apart due to countless years of experience that have been passed from generation to generation.

It is not a surprise that more people are turning to an authentic Moroccan Berber rug when it comes time to decorate a room. The Berber people truly create a masterpiece in each rug that is made. Home and business owners can be satisfied with the Berber rug that they purchase. It is a style investment that can last for many years.

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