Rose Sandesh (Indian Dessert Made with Cottage Cheese)

The last week of October heralds the fabulous festival of Diwali, marching in with all its glory, urging Indians all around the world to gear up to celebrate one of the biggest festivals of the season! Marked with Diyas (decorated oil lamps), beautiful clothes, lovely colors of the Rangoli, and lots of delicious snacks and sweets, this is one Indian festival you don't wan to miss! Diwali is … [Read more...]

Avocado & Chocolate Chip Semi Freddo

Summer is slowly starting to show its colors, as the days get longer and brighter down here in Northern California! The garden is blooming, and we've already had glimpses of hot sunny days when sipping a cold coffee or eating an ice cream out in the backyard has become a favorite family activity. So to celebrate the weather outside, we tried a new recipe last week. Frozen Avocado SemiFreddo. Yes, … [Read more...]

Irresistible Rocky Road Espresso Brownies

Back-to-school Night is coming up, and my Kindergartener is as excited as can be! I have never seen her so meticulously arrange and sort out all the things she needs for school. From supplies to notebooks to her lunch and snack boxes, she is really excited about getting everything in order. Whether she's trying to impress Mommy, her new teacher, or her new friends at school, I am hushing with … [Read more...]

Kid & Adult Friendly Cake Batter Ice Cream Float

With the Summer season coming on, its time for parties and celebrations. Be it Graduation, 4th of July, Backyard BBQ or a Birthday celebration, every occasion deserves a special beverage, just like this colorful Ice Cream Float! Right from the time when I saw it on the Pillsbury website, I fell in love with it. With only 3 ingredients, this fresh, colorful, flavorful and extremely kid-friendly … [Read more...]

Layered Chocolate Cake

Who doesn't like chocolate Cake, especially when its homemade, and has rich layers of creamy chocolate butter-cream frosting, and a moist dark chocolate cake center that melts in your mouth! Its no wonder that Layered Chocolate Cake still remains to be at the top of the Perfect Birthday Cake list! Inspired by Dorie Greenspan's Layered Birthday Cake in her prestigious cookbook Baking: From My Home … [Read more...]

Berry Tarts with Lavender Rosewater Mascarpone Cream

Berry Tartlettes with Rosewater & Lavender Mascarpone Cream, made using Puff Pastry sheets This Saturday, the temperature shot into upper 90's and we had to turn the air-conditioners on in full blast! Looks like Summer is finally showing its true colors, and while we crave to keep it pleasantly cool in the household, there's one place that's burning with heat, yes, my kitchen! The oven is … [Read more...]

Salted Caramel Turtle Candies

Salted Caramel & Chocolate Turtles (Candies) When it comes to making Caramel, I tend to shy away from the process, not because its tedious, but because I don’t have much preference for the gooey-chewy caramel that adheres to my teeth. But, my husband and two-year old love Caramel, so what’s a Mum to do, except learn to live with it, or at least master the process to produce treats on holidays … [Read more...]

7 Must Try Valentine Dessert Recipes

There was a time when I used to turn to Google Search when I needed to find a recipe. But now, times have changed, and my best resource for online recipes is the world of fellow food bloggers! I know I can rely on these recipes because they have been tried, tested and certified by my friends, and will most likely not let me down. Plus, if I run into issues, I can always email them and be rest … [Read more...]

Cranberry Orange & Coconut Cookies

Super Soft Cranberry Orange & Coconut Cookies Last weekend, I saw some tangerines that were lying on my kitchen counter waiting to be eaten, but my daughter seemed to have had her share of oranges for a while, and I was in a mood to bake something that's quick and delectable, so I settled on baking some Cranberry Orange cookies. I like my cookies to be soft and chewy, so they melt in your … [Read more...]

Phirni (Rice Pudding) with Mixed-Berry Sauce

I have made Phirni before, and everyone in our family enjoys this rich and creamy Rice pudding, However, when I first came across Jagruti's version in her post about Father's Day, I was intrigued by the flavor combination and decided to give it a try. Firni is a kind of Rice Pudding, made with Powdered Rice. It is similar to what we call Kheer or Payasam in India, but made with powdered rice … [Read more...]