Two Healthy Family Breakfast Ideas For Busy Mornings

When you’ve got a family, the morning time can be really rushed. Heck, even if you don’t, mornings just seem to be quite rushed for everyone. But making breakfast an important part of the day is important. After sleeping, our bodies want some hydration and nourishment. So what are some easy things that we can cook for breakfast for ourselves or our families? Here are a few simple breakfast recipes … [Read more...]

Dessert Crepes with Homemade Dulce de Leche

Spring break shoots up in one week, and what that means is that kids will demand more attention in every aspect of life, starting from a custom breakfast served every morning! Whether I can keep up with the demands or not is another thing, but I'm definitely going to try to make it special for them, as much as I can! And one morning treat I was thinking of are the Argentinian … [Read more...]

Healthier Carrot & Zucchini Quick Bread

Looking for a healthier version of a holiday quick bread, then you've got to bookmark this recipe! Thanks to Pompeian, I was able to create this wonderful cake recipe for the holiday season, along with a fancy personalized bottle to engrave my recipe on it forever. Check out the cool label I printed below; It has our family name, and the recipe with a family photo - pretty cool, isn't … [Read more...]

Blueberry Banana Avocado Bread

It is customary for most people to bake a batch of Banana Bread when they see a few over-ripe and brown bananas gawking at them. In fact, most people, including me, have a tried-and-tested banana bread recipe that they turn to in times of need! However, this time around, I tried to juggle things a bit, and baked a Blueberry Banana Bread instead. I had bookmarked a muffin recipe some time ago that … [Read more...]

Whole Grain Zucchini Bread

Zucchini Bread It hasn't rained much this past year in the bay area, and yet it has always been chilly and windy. Yesterday we saw rain after a long time, and though I don't like wet days, I'm happy because my garden is going to start blooming again, and the chill has become tolerable. So what better way to enjoy this chilly weather than wake up to the smell of freshly-baked Zucchini Bread, the … [Read more...]

Vanilla-Flavored Apple Butter

Chunky Apple Butter When I first came across the term Apple Butter, I was genuinely surprised, and intrigued. I had heard of Herb butters, which is nothing but mixing some herbs in regular butter to give it a unique flavor, but Apple Butter, seriously? Do you just mix Apple with Butter?? So I sent across a query on the net trying to gain the answer to my question - What is Apple Butter? Well, … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Scones Recipe

Ultimate Scones RecipeThe concept of Scones was an alien one to me before I came to US, and my first encounter with this British pastry was at none other than Starbucks! The delicious Blueberry scone screamed out to me from behind the counter, and I couldn't resist. It was like Love at first Bite! A perfectly made Scone is supposed to be tender, with a dark-gold outer crust, and a light-gold, … [Read more...]