Kid-Friendly Apple & Peanut Butter Sandwiches

When it comes to lunch-box options, there are some items in the pantry that always come to your rescue, like fruits, any kind of nut butter, granola, what thins, bread, pasta, etc. I am sure Fruits will always be a part of your child's lunch or snack, but eating the same thing can get repetitive and lose its charm. So its a good idea to shake things up a bit, or come up with innovative ways to … [Read more...]

Vanilla-Flavored Apple Butter

Chunky Apple Butter When I first came across the term Apple Butter, I was genuinely surprised, and intrigued. I had heard of Herb butters, which is nothing but mixing some herbs in regular butter to give it a unique flavor, but Apple Butter, seriously? Do you just mix Apple with Butter?? So I sent across a query on the net trying to gain the answer to my question - What is Apple Butter? Well, … [Read more...]

Apple Bread With Toasted Pecans

Moist Apple Bread topped with Toasted Pecans Apples are making the rounds all around the blogosphere, especially as Fall is the season to indulge in fresh, sweet apples of every kind. Apple Picking is a fun way to fill your bags with some fresh fall produce that you can then use to make delicious treats like Caramel Apples, Apple & Blackberry Skillet Pie, or this Apple Bread with Toasted … [Read more...]

Apple & Blackberry Skillet Pie

Apple & Blackberry Pie Baked in a Skillet Pies are generally the flavor of the the season these days, and being as versatile as they are, it is no surprise that Pies are a preferred holiday dessert on most occasions. But today, we drift away from the Pumpkin flavor a bit and focus on earthy apples instead. Homemade Apple Pie has always been a family favorite since generations, but few would … [Read more...]

Apple Crisp

Apple Raspberry Crisp served with Ice Cream Whenever you crave for some simple heart-warming dessert which does not require careful measurements and elaborate baking or cooking instructions, you can rely on an old-fashioned Crisp recipe. Crisps, Cobblers or Crumbles (they are pretty much the same) are all an easy way to dish out a dessert that primarily contains some fresh seasonal fruit, a bit … [Read more...]