Simple Steps To Ensure Your Bread Appetizer Doesn’t Fall Flat


When hosting a dinner party, there’s a lot to consider. What should you serve? What time should you start cooking? In all the planning, the appetizer can slip your mind. At the end of the day, that isn’t a disaster. How many of us eat a starter when we’re at home anyway? But, failure to produce an appetizer can be a disaster in an unexpected way. For the most part, this dish is a filler. It keeps your guests occupied while you’re in the kitchen. It stops things from getting awkward!

So, failure to produce an appetizer could lead to a dinner party failure. Your guests will feel uncomfortable, and they’ll sit there hungry. But, what can you do about it? The answer is to find an appetizer which is no hassle. That way, you guests have something to nibble, and you don’t have to go all out.

And, what choice could be easier than bread? Of course, you can’t serve a loaf of Allinson and be done with it. That’s why we’re going to look at how you can serve a bread based starter and get away with it.

Make Your Own Bread
A bread appetizer may seem simple. But, if guests know you’ve made it yourself, it’ll seem more impressive. Freshly baked bread will also make your house smell amazing. It’s sure to get their taste buds going. You could try your hand at foccacia, or stick to a crusty loaf. Bread requires few ingredients, and is easier to get right than you’d think. Bear in mind, though, that the rising process takes time. Start the kneading process well in advance.

Good Presentation Goes A Long Way
When serving a simple dish, presentation is more important than ever. This is what will make or break your offering. A bread basket is an amazing way to make this look impressive. Or, you could opt to serve on a wooden board. Consider, too, whether you want to cut the bread beforehand or leave that to your guests. If you do choose to cut it, make sure you do it well. It may be worth investing in a quality bread knife like the ones reviewed on Cut it Fine. That way, you can ensure a professional cut. Half chopped slices which are falling apart are sure to crumble the atmosphere.

It’s All In The Accompaniment
What you choose to go with your bread will also impact whether this appetizer works. You could make like the Italians, and serve with a selection of oils. Presented in bottles, these would have a wow factor of their own. Or, you could get creative with a simple hummus recipe. All you need are chickpeas, tahini, garlic, and oil. Of course, you can add more depending on your tastes. Paprika can work well with this, as can basil. Adapt a recipe which suits, and place next to the bread on serving. This is a simple, but tasty treat which will transform a boring starter to a masterpiece.

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