How To Kickstart Your Summer Slim-Down


With the summer nights getting longer and the weather warmer, it’s that time of year we all love to slough off the heavy winter jumpers and jeans and swap to flowy skirts and blouses. Getting motivated to feel comfortable in those lighter clothes can be difficult, but it’s all about self-discipline and feeling confident. The trouble is, if your weight is getting you down it can be very difficult to be comfortable and confident!

There are many ways you can lose weight and the internet is full of the latest and greatest diets, from counting calories to shake diets like ‘’, where you can get to your ideal shape quickly. All of that won’t matter though, if you don’t feel ready or motivated to get moving and get into the shape you want to be. Check out our weight loss tips to help you get to where you want to go.

Decide on your ‘why’.
Before you can embark on any kind of weight loss goals, you need to decide what you’re doing it for. Is it for the summer dresses and skirts? Is it for your own self-esteem? Whatever it is, you have to know what you’re doing it for first.

Setting goals matters
Losing weight is an uphill climb for most but it’s only that way if you are looking at an overall goal. Setting smaller, mini goals with prizes for achieving them is going to get you everywhere fast!

Use visuals to encourage you
Visual goals are the best. So, while you’re setting your mini goals, make yourself a board or a wall that has images and arrows showing you where you want to go. Stick up pictures of that Gucci bag you are going to treat yourself to, or that dress you’ve been drooling over. Aim, and aim again!

Kick those habits
It takes 21 days to break a habit and food has been yours. That doesn’t mean you should be starving yourself, but it does mean that you need to ditch the sugary junk food and give your whole diet an overhaul. Have a look at this chart to see what you should be eating instead of what you’re craving.

Ditch the excuses
Christmas, birthdays, Easter – these are events through the year and the perfect excuses for most people to continue on in their bad habits. Stop it! Just because you allowed yourself a little Christmas indulgence, doesn’t mean you have to continue it through the year! Everything in moderation, including those Christmas chocolates.
Steer clear of stress. One of the biggest food factors is stress. When you think about it, you eat for comfort a lot of the time rather than because you actually want to have a family sized bar of chocolate. Step away from conflict and drama and don’t allow your emotions to dictate your meals.

Modify your food
Let’s face it, there’s no way you could lose weight if you consume processed foods, sugar and fats all the time. The first change you need to make is to change your eating habits to be healthy, and if its already healthy, evaluate what you could eat differently. Check out this list of foods that promotes fat burn.

Lift those weights
The best tip a trainer can give you is to spend more time with free weights than on a cardio machine. Strength training help you convert your fat to muscle, which in turn burns more fat as you sleep. So invest in a few free weights at home, and hold them as you go over your daily routine. Check out the plan I use to kickstart my weight loss.

When you embark on a new weight loss regime for that summer slim down, be strong, be satisfied and be motivated! You can do it!

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