6 Ways To Make Your Home Appealing To Potential Home Buyers

When you decide to sell your house, it can be a challenge to find a buyer. After all, you need someone to love your house enough to make an offer. And while it’s often down to the realtor to entice potential buyers, there are some things you can do to help sell your home quicker. Here are some unique ways to make your home more appealing to potential buyers. Bake a batch of fresh cookies I … [Read more...]

DIY: 10 Ideas To Make Your Own Rakhis

"Rakhi" is the cherished Indian festival that celebrates the loving bond between a brother and a sister. It is a day when siblings pray for each others' well being and wish for each others' happiness and goodwill. It is also known as Rakshabandhan, or literally translated as 'a bond of protection'. On this auspicious day, brothers make a promise to their sisters to protect them from all harms and … [Read more...]

The Moroccan Berber Rug – A New Alternative to Carpet

When it comes to home décor, there are numerous ways to decorate a room. Some people like to decorate with wallpaper and paintings. Other people prefer furniture in order to give each room a comfortable type of look. Another trend that is becoming increasingly popular among a number of home and business owners is to feature a Moroccan Berber rug. Although the name is notably recognizable to some, … [Read more...]

How To Bring The Brunch Experience Into Your Home

The coolest meal these days is, inarguably, brunch. Sure, there are pop up cafes everywhere (have you heard of the cereal cafe in London?) that sell everything you could possibly desire but the most enduring food fad of recent years is definitely brunch. A cross between breakfast and lunch but better than the sum of its parts, it’s an excuse to luxuriate with your nearest and dearest over a plate … [Read more...]

Get Your Home Airbnb Ready With These Fab Tips

Lots of homeowners are trying to make as much money as they can out of their properties these days. The most common option is to renovate and decorate a home so that it increases in value compared to the original purchase price. Then, whenever the homeowner chooses to sell their house, they will be able to take all of the profit from helping the property increase in value. However, there are some … [Read more...]

Hosting Hacks: How To Organize The Dream Dinner Party

Entertaining can be great fun. You get to spend time with friends and family and create a feast to be proud of. Although there are advantages, organizing an event of any kind can also cause a fair bit of stress. If you’re hoping to plan a dream dinner party, or thinking about hosting a holiday party, these hosting hacks will make life easier, and ensure everything runs smoothly. Image credit … [Read more...]

Decorating Tips for a Dazzling Holiday!

As you gear up for Entertaining, this Holiday season, take some great tips and advice from blogger Natalie Xanthakis, as she walks you through some quick and simple ways to dazzle your home with DIY candles, gold-gilded antlers, and fresh table-scapes that are sure to leave your guests in awe. … [Read more...]

21 Ways to Repurpose Your Favorite Old Sarees

Its a no-brainer that all Indian ladies love their Sarees! In fact, you'll find a huge fan-following for these 7-9 yard pieces of fabric even outside the Indian community. With a myriad mix of fabrics and a versatile range of designs and colors, the Sari has now become a big fashion icon. But with changing trends, we move on to the latest fashion, and our beloved Saris are often left to age in … [Read more...]

5 New Reasons Why You Should Choose Cooking As A Hobby!

I know a lot of you reading this are avid foodies! Like me, you consider cooking to be one of your hobbies. I look upon cooking not as a way to feed my family, its more like a therapeutic process and also a series of inventions and experiments that give rise to an extra-ordinary culinary experience in our house! If you don't enjoy cooking yet, or need a push to embrace it with open arms, here' are … [Read more...]

DIY: Gift Basket To Impress Your Guests In The Holiday Season

"This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias and its Advertiser. All thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone and should not be construed as medical advice. #24HourEsterC #CollectiveBias" The holiday season is upon us, which means most of you are planning vacations, just like me! Vacations mean a lot of traveling, whether you are flying/driving somewhere else, or you have family or … [Read more...]