Sweet & Savory Cracker Bites


You can imagine how hectic our lives are with a 4 year old and a 3 month old consuming all of our time! I have no idea when the evening blends into the night and before I can realize that I have slept for a couple hours, its morning again! So this weekend, when the elder one was out for a long play-date, and the little one blessed us by napping for a full 3 hours, me and my husband decided to … [Read more...]

The 2-ingredient Ice Cream You Can’t Resist!


I am sure most of you must have heard about the famous Biscoff Cookies that hail from Europe, right? And if you haven't then you have definitely missed something, and should go and buy a packet today. However, if you can't find a packet of Biscoff cookies, then do not fret, because something even better is now available in your grocery stores - Biscoff Spread. Made from original Belgium Biscoff … [Read more...]

Castello Moments – Cheese & Jam Cookies


SPONSORED POST When it comes to different varieties of cheese, or the art of cheese making, no one can come close to European Cheese. I still remember the taste of artisan Swiss cheese that had lingered on my tongue when we went there for our vacation. And now, after several years, I had the opportunity to try not one, but three different flavors of European cheese, thanks to Castello! A few … [Read more...]

Chocolate & Blackberry Harvest Cocktail


Wouldn't you be thrilled if someone told you that you are unique, and so they are going to name a recipe or a drink on your name - something that reflects you as an individual, your unique personality and choices? I bet you would, and that's precisely how I felt when I was approached by the BACARDI® group, via GLAM, to try a new Cocktail Recipe that highlights me and my personal taste! They sent … [Read more...]

Blackberry Yogurt Popsicles


I am really sad that Northern California did not have a good cherry season this year - cherry picking didn't even last for one full weekend, and bags of cherries were gone even from the supermarkets before I could grab a few to relish, forget freezing them for the rest of the year! Nevertheless, I am happy that berries are still available, and are a great substitute for cherries in making baked … [Read more...]

Kid-Friendly Apple & Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Apple Peanut Butter Sandwiches

When it comes to lunch-box options, there are some items in the pantry that always come to your rescue, like fruits, any kind of nut butter, granola, what thins, bread, pasta, etc. I am sure Fruits will always be a part of your child's lunch or snack, but eating the same thing can get repetitive and lose its charm. So its a good idea to shake things up a bit, or come up with innovative ways to … [Read more...]

Spicy Sweet Potato Veggie Burger


Summer sun is shining in full glory up here in Northern California, and everyone is out in their backyards or in a park, enjoying the warm weather and sunshine. We too, celebrated Mother's Day with a fun BBQ in our backyard, and I am sure many of you are already shaping up your plans for the Memorial Day, Father's Day or July 4th weekend! No matter what the occasion, firing up the grill to cook … [Read more...]

5-Minute Mango Pudding


In India, Summer is synchronous with Mangoes - yes, you will find markets and homes flooded with this sweet juicy colorful fruit, which is known as King of Fruits for a valid reason! There are several varieties of Mangoes available in India, but Kesar and Alphonso are among the most famous ones. The former has a more elongated shape with a pointed tip, and is more sweeter than Alphonso, which is … [Read more...]

Veggie Black Bean Burgers


  Healthy Black Bean Burgers   Mother's Day is just around the corner, and I am sure most of you have a grilling BBQ party planned for the same, especially as it falls on a Sunday! Or if you are fishing for BBQ recipes for Memorial Day, especially a healthy vegetarian Burger recipe, then this nutritious and extremely delicious Black Bean Burger is perfect for your menu. Inspired by Divya's … [Read more...]

Avocado & Chocolate Chip Semi Freddo


Summer is slowly starting to show its colors, as the days get longer and brighter down here in Northern California! The garden is blooming, and we've already had glimpses of hot sunny days when sipping a cold coffee or eating an ice cream out in the backyard has become a favorite family activity. So to celebrate the weather outside, we tried a new recipe last week. Frozen Avocado SemiFreddo. Yes, … [Read more...]