Lovin’ Your Body & Mind This Summer

With summer well on its way, it’s time to think about what we can do to help us feel more energised. There are certain things attributed to different parts of our body that we can all be doing to help us reach our potential, and these are the things that we often all know about: stop smoking to decrease chances of disease, eating better, exercise more to get ourselves fitter, get outside to increase our Vitamin D intake. But what about the things that aren’t so covered by the media?


Food For The Brain

Keeping our brains active and healthy, or more so what we need to do to keep our brains active and healthy, is something that is seemingly only undertaken by those who are considered smart in our society. It never really computes that to get to that stage, you too need to keep your brain engaged with simple things each day. Giving yourself brain teasers can help, and things like Sudokus, Crosswords and other tasks can easily be found online. There are books that can help you get there, too – the codebreakers at the famous Bletchley Park in the UK have written a series of books to help you get your brain fit and working in the capacity to solve different problems. It helps in real life too – promise!

Healthy Body

The majority of people nowadays are obsessed with body image and getting the right figure in time for when the warmer weather hits. There are a lot of things that we could be doing on a daily basis to help us get towards where we want to be, without even thinking about it. Simply drinking more water can be an enormous benefit; these detox water recipes will help you lose weight quickly, but even just introducing more water into your diet in general can help. The recommendation is eight glasses of eight ounces of water per day, although you can definitely go for more if you want. It all adds up, and the more that you find yourself going to the toilet to release the extra water, the more you will know that it is working. It helps with focus and concentration, boosts your metabolism, will get you feeling more energized throughout the day and will be flushing you out and giving you a mini-detox with each glass that you drink. The benefits to drinking more far outweigh the negatives, so what is stopping you?


Thoughts and Motivation

Being in a good and sound state of mental health is something that a lot of people are taking for granted nowadays. It is still somewhat of a taboo subject, but more and more therapists and different forms of therapy are becoming available at times and locations that are more convenient to those who require help. Self-diagnosis is definitely not the way to go with this; if you feel like you are getting to the stage where you need intervention or someone to guide you along, book in with your doctor ASAP and talk it over.

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