The Best Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe You’ve Ever Seen!

Christmas Fruit Cake What's Christmas without Santa Clause and sparkling lights? or without some fresh white snow up in the mountains? or without some traditional Holiday delicacies like Eggnog, Stollen, Yule Log Cake or Fruit Cake! Yes, some holiday traditions govern our lives for a good reason. They help us stay rooted as families, maintain relationships and customs over generations, and help … [Read more...]

10 Frugal Ways To Refresh Your Home In The New Year

It’s safe to say, when you get bored of your decor, you can often start to feel a bit frustrated whenever you’re at home. From disliking the design of one room to being over the colors in another, it’s never all that great to feel like your home isn’t homely at all. It may sound silly, but it can really impact on your quality of life. Because when you’re not happy at home, or you don’t quite feel … [Read more...]

Cooking The Biggest Meal Of The Year? How To Keep Calm And Entertain Stress-Free

December is here and with that comes the idea of Christmas day and what can be classed as one of the biggest meals of the year. While you are decking up your Christmas tree with homemade christmas ornaments, there can be a lot of pressure placed on the person who happens to be shooting the big christmas feast. So much goes into the lead up for the big day that the ones eating the glorious food can … [Read more...]

Tired Of Your Home? Don’t Move Out Just Yet!

It's incredibly common for many people to end up wanting to move to somewhere new after a few years or so. Your home starts to feel kind of boring and frustrating and over time you end up wanting that excitement that you felt when you first moved in back. It makes sense that many people's first instinct would be to find somewhere new and move out, but that might not always be the best option. The … [Read more...]

How Seriously Do You Take Your Health?

In the last year or two, we have seen a surge in the health-conscious public. Celebrity magazines have forever been obsessed with the weight gain and loss of various celebs, and not just female ones, and that hasn’t changed. But the focus has slightly shifted due to the shift in perceived beauty. Back in the eighties, the supermodel era kicked off - and only got skinnier in the nineties with Kate … [Read more...]

Have You Heard of a Milkshake That’s Healthy As Well?

Could you ever imagine that these two words - 'healthy' and 'milkshake' could be used in the same sentence? I couldn't either, until I created this delicious recipe 2 days ago. Originally intending to use my over-ripe banana to bake Banana Bread, I instead ended up creating this thickshake that you can indulge in, so aptly named as Banana Bread Milkshake, without worrying about an overload of … [Read more...]

Vegetarian Green Bean Casserole

The Holiday season is almost upon us, and if you are like me, you have probably started planning your parties and social gatherings and slating weekends to fun, family-friendly events! For me, its easy to decide what the stars of my dinner table are going to be. But when it comes to all the side dishes, I need to put some serious thought into it. These side dishes are as important as the main … [Read more...]

Top Tips To Eat Healthy This Winter

Winter isn’t even here yet, but the cold weather certainly is. Unfortunately, with this cold weather comes a higher chance of catching a cold or flu. No one wants to be sick over the festive period, but if you’re not careful, this is exactly what’s going to happen. The first step to staying healthy throughout winter is regularly washing your hands, but the foods that you eat can play a massive … [Read more...]

Pear Cranberry & Walnut Bread

Pear Cranberry And Walnut Bread Pear is a wonderful Fall fruit which is often neglected due to the abundance of Apples and other stone fruits during this season. However, you will be amazed to see how many different kinds of Pears are available in the market, and how each one has a unique taste and texture. Anjou, Asian, Bartlett, Bosc, Concorde, Comice and Seckel are the most common varieties, … [Read more...]

Rose Sandesh (Indian Dessert Made with Cottage Cheese)

The last week of October heralds the fabulous festival of Diwali, marching in with all its glory, urging Indians all around the world to gear up to celebrate one of the biggest festivals of the season! Marked with Diyas (decorated oil lamps), beautiful clothes, lovely colors of the Rangoli, and lots of delicious snacks and sweets, this is one Indian festival you don't wan to miss! Diwali is … [Read more...]