Are You Breathing Correctly?

Let’s face it; we all need to breathe so that we can survive! The trouble is, some of us aren’t that great at taking care of our bodies, and so our lungs become inefficient and ineffective. Eventually, we could end up with a plethora of medical problems and conditions. It’s not all bad news because it’s possible to reverse the situation and improve our breathing. Doing so means we can lead … [Read more...]

Workplace Issues That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Working for 8 or more hours a day can be incredibly tiresome. We wake up early, take very few breaks, get back home and barely have enough time to ourselves. Then before we know it, the evening is over and it’s back to sleep to prepare for the next day. However ridiculous it sounds, we all do it eventually. Perhaps you’re blessed with a work-at-home job that pays a lot, or maybe you work in an … [Read more...]

4 Summer Essentials That You Might Not Have Thought About

There are trends that come and go with the summer months, but what people are looking for generally always fits one bill: it’s got to be useful. The most popular things that you find out on the market are not trend-followers, but instead stuff that makes our lives easier. It’s a bit of a funny thing, really - we are an extremely productive generation that takes pride in the fact that we have so … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Transform Your Bedroom Into a Relaxing Place

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary and place of rest within your home. Unfortunately, we intrude on our own sanctuary by turning out mattress into our home office, playing with our electrical devices long into the night, or installing a TV and falling asleep with bright lights shining on our faces. A bedroom should only be used for two things; sleep and intimacy. If you let work, exercise, and … [Read more...]

Tips For Moms Who Don’t Have Enough Hours In The Day

Are you a busy mom trying to cope with stress of work and home? If so, you may have days when it feels like there just isn’t enough time to get things done. If you work full or part-time and you’re trying to raise kids at the same time, it can feel like you’re swimming against the tide. If this feeling sounds familiar, hopefully, these time-saving tips will make life easier. Working from … [Read more...]

Top Tips For an Efficient Bathroom Makeover

Image credit: House of Smiths The family bathroom is often overlooked when it comes to decor, with efforts focussed on rooms in which we spend longer chunks of time, such as the kitchen, lounge, or bedrooms. Actually, if you think about it, not only do you spend quite a lot of time in the bathroom over the course of the week, but it’s one room that your guests are almost certain to set foot … [Read more...]

Lovin’ Your Body & Mind This Summer

With summer well on its way, it’s time to think about what we can do to help us feel more energised. There are certain things attributed to different parts of our body that we can all be doing to help us reach our potential, and these are the things that we often all know about: stop smoking to decrease chances of disease, eating better, exercise more to get ourselves fitter, get outside to … [Read more...]

The Ever-Growing Lure of Kitchen Gadgets

The lure of kitchen gadgets is undeniable. They promise to make your cooking life easier. They will fix problems that you never knew you had until the moment you saw the solution. Your food will taste better, be healthier, and somehow still manage to be all these things despite halving your cooking time. Who would resist those ideas? Very few of us, which is why it’s so common for most … [Read more...]

Two Healthy Family Breakfast Ideas For Busy Mornings

When you’ve got a family, the morning time can be really rushed. Heck, even if you don’t, mornings just seem to be quite rushed for everyone. But making breakfast an important part of the day is important. After sleeping, our bodies want some hydration and nourishment. So what are some easy things that we can cook for breakfast for ourselves or our families? Here are a few simple breakfast recipes … [Read more...]

Kitchen Essentials to Enable Clean Eating

In order to create a positive role for food in your life, you need to make healthy eating be part of your lifestyle. Having a positive relationship with food can help so many aspects of your life. Many people choose to 'eat clean' as a way to develop a healthy relationship with food. The concept basically means that you are eating whole foods, with very little processed foods. If you’re reading a … [Read more...]