4 Summer Essentials That You Might Not Have Thought About


There are trends that come and go with the summer months, but what people are looking for generally always fits one bill: it’s got to be useful. The most popular things that you find out on the market are not trend-followers, but instead stuff that makes our lives easier. It’s a bit of a funny thing, really – we are an extremely productive generation that takes pride in the fact that we have so many things to essentially take the weight off our shoulders, so many tools and gadgets that will help us get through the day to day without putting in much physical work or even mental work in some cases. It’s time to embrace it and check off this list, as you prepare yourself for a season filled with barbecue recipes and delicious summer drinks!

Water Bottles – That Tell You What To Do
Forget your conventional water bottles that simply hold your water for you. They’re boring, especially when there’s so much more that can be done with them. Check out this water bottle that works with your FitBit, and can sync up to remind you to drink water and tell you how much you need to keep on drinking to reach your recommended daily target. Quite a few of us aren’t actually drinking as much as we should – far from it, truth be told. The benefits of drinking enough water per day are absolutely massive, and reach far beyond keeping you hydrated; the focus levels and concentration that it aids are not to be sniffed at. It also helps to boost your metabolism, keeps your skin glowing and generally makes you healthy. What’s not to love about it (and the reminder to consume it)?

Speakers – Splash Proof and Wireless
There are so many bluetooth speakers available to buy nowadays, that it’s a wonder that more of us haven’t invested in them. We are still using ones that hook up to our old iPods (with that charger cable lead which just doesn’t look right anymore…) or have to plug into our phones, laptops and tablets in order to generate music. It’s time to embrace one of the oldest wireless connections that we have and make good use of it. It’s not just the fact that you are able to walk away from them, but that you can stream music from services such as Spotify and Apple music from another room/the garden (yeah, thinking big things here!) which is important for keeping the flow of the day or night going when you’ve got guests round. Oh, yeah, and they’re waterproof, too – great for being able to listen to music whilst lounging in a pool or a hot tub.

Probes – That Tell You How Hot Your Food Is And How Much Longer It Needs
It may seem a little pedantic to insist that probes are used during the barbecuing months, but it saves so much grief further down the line. Food poisoning cases rise when it gets warmer as people start to stop trusting their judgement so much and instead see fit to put their pride first when serving meats from the BBQ. So, firstly, you can now brand your food which is just mind-blowing in itself, but we need to be looking more at the fact that there are probes available which can tell you precisely how hot your food is, if it’s safe to eat and whether it needs to go back on the grill for just that little bit longer. If you’re not trusting yourself what’s being put onto your plate, bring the probe with you to try it out. It could be saving a trip to the ER.

Coolers – That Keep Things Cool For Days
Don’t look at getting the traditional cooler for your food and drinks which started to go warm after a couple of hours. We are so past that now. Thankfully, a genius out there remembered that we are a generation who like to do things like go to festivals for days on end with no other cooling equipment available, and made a product that did just that – keep things cold forever (or so it seems). Being able to refrigerate your goods for absolutely ages may seem like quite a boring thing in comparison to the rest of the stuff that’s been recommended, but you’ll be patting yourself on the back and singing your own congratulations when you’re the only one on a camping trip on a warm, sunny day with a cold drink in your hand. Cheers!

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